Buzzfeed raises another $50 million: Is the company worth the investment?

  • Innovative Way to Socially Share News

    Buzzfeed offers a very interesting way of getting current news, videos and entertainment through it's website and various social media sites. It's an innovative way to get the latest news stories fast. It also makes sharing news and entertainment very easy. It's a fun and educational site. With over 150,000 viewers, I say yes! This company is definitely worth the investment!

  • Yes, I think they are.

    Almost every article that I see posted on social media is posted by Buzzfeed. They have a knack for catchy titles and interesting articles that take only a few minutes to read. I know a lot of my friends visit the site at work regularly. It will be interesting to see what their future holds.

  • No question here

    I think that question just answered itself. Obviously confidence in Buzzfeed is high right now so the general feeling must be that the company is worth the investment. I think hopes are high with this company and so far they are not letting us down. Yes the company is worth the investment.

  • Buzzfeed is Ephemeral

    Buzzfeed is yet another example of a hot dot-com corporation that balloons wildly out of control and has a brief phase of popularity before fading into obscurity when the next exciting trend comes along. While its stock is rising in the short term, it is not a sustainable growth and it will inevitably fade away sooner rather than later.

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