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  • Why bother ?

    If I want to watch TV shows, I'll watch them on my TV. If I want to watch highlights or snippets, I'll go online to watch them. Now, watching sports online is one story for me (blackout rules su*k); same with streaming news. TV shows = that's another story .

    Posted by: S.K
  • Television is best watrched on television

    Although I like that I am able to watch TV on my computer and tablet it is not the way I choose to do it for programs I subscribe to. I prefer to lay back and watch a screen which has been designed for the purpose of showing the best TV in the best way. The extra cost would not be worth it for me.

  • Cable Companies need to be Disrupted

    Cable companies have been able to sit atop their industry, all too pretty, for far too long. They bundle TV products in such a way that you never get to buy exactly what you want, costing the consumer more money than they should have to pay. With the dawn of the internet and technology that can undercut profits from cable companies, it is only a matter of time before they are obsolete.

  • Still Too Many Mandatory Channels To Subscribe

    If cable is streamed to my computer, I will still not subscribe. We have downgraded our cable package because of the number of useless channels for which we had to pay. Customizable cable packages would be more useful and affordable. Good streamlined packages would allow customers to create a channel cocktail in which each channel is separately and economically priced.

  • No, watching TV on a computer does not give the same experience as watching on a television.

    It is my belief that half of the fun of consuming entertainment is the experience. Whether you consume media with friends, family, or by yourself, watching on an actual television set is a very different experience than watching on a small laptop. I personally would rather pay for a traditional cable provider and be able to watch my shows on a television.

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