• DEFINITELY, casiNO no casinos!

    Gambling can become an bad addiction, and need to be strongly regulated or illegal. Gambling addiction DOUBLES within a ten mile radius of a casino. Plus, gambling will likely reduce lottery revenues which provide much more revenue for the state than casinos do. It should definetly be illegal or very regulated. Definetly casinos are bad

  • Gambling should not be made illegal

    No, I disagree that gambling should be illegal. Although gambling has detrimental effects on some people with addictive personalities, this is a form of entertainment that most people are able to enjoy responsibly. Moreover, if gambling became illegal, it would still occur in the black market where it would not be regulated and more people would be taken advantage of.

  • No gambling should not be illegal

    The decision for Caesars of Las Vegas (note this division not the entire company) to file for bankruptcy protection reflect the spread of gambling to more states. Fewer people are making trips to Las Vegas since they can gamble in their home states on short day trips, instead of week-long trip to "Sin City." This resulted in less revenue that projected for Caesars and the need to redo loan agreements.

  • Even with the bankruptcies of major casinos, gambling should not be illegal.

    Recent headlines told us of the bankruptcy filings of major casino, Caesars of Vegas, but this bankruptcy does not equate to making gambling illegal. This is throwing out the baby with the bathwater as one casino filing for bankruptcy does not mean the entire industry is in danger, nor does it mean the industry should be outlawed.

  • No it shouldn't

    What ever happened to freedom? We "supposedly" live in a free country, but that is not true. Our country regulates so many things that it can not be called "free". We have lost rights to do so many things. Gambling should not be illegal. Maybe they should set up more rules to regulate a little better but NO.

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