Cafe charges customers 35 cent "minimum wage fee:" Should all restaurants do this?

  • They can charge whatever they want...

    But they will have to face the consequences of their actions. If they lose their revenue and promptly fall on their face and cease to exist courtesy of them not having any money to carry on O&M (Operations and Maintenance), then that is their problem. Not that it will matter, because inflation will bite them in a bit and the prices would go up anyway.

  • It's pancakes with a side of politics

    A Minnesota restaurant is passing along the cost of the state's minimum wage hike to customers, and the move has sparked outrage.

    Diners at the Oasis Cafe in Stillwater, Minn., recently noticed a "MIN WAGE FEE" tacked on to the bottom of their receipts, beneath more mundane items like burgers and fries.
    The increase hiked the minimum wage to as high as $8 an hour. The restaurant's fee appears to be a response to the increase, but the owners did not respond to multiple requests for comment.
    At least one diner, Jean Murra, noticed the fee on her check on August 1.
    "I was shocked," Murra wrote in an email. She said that she wouldn't mind if the restaurant raised prices a bit, but felt that the owners put the fee on the receipt "to make a political statement."
    "We will not go back there," she wrote. Hundreds of other commenters on the restaurant's Facebook and Yelp pages in the past few days felt similarly. Most of the comments are negative -- even unprintable -- and assume that the owners added the fee as a protest against the law.

  • I agree with the Beemers:

    In a statement posted to the restaurant's Facebook page on Friday, the owners, Craig and Deb Beemer, said they believed that the fee was "the most honest and transparent way to communicate a significant increase in our operating cost."

    The family is telling the truth. It is the most transparent way to tell people the effect of the bill. I am on the fence about it's political value but it is the most honest way to express the effect.

  • All restaraunts should

    I think that all restaurants should charge a minimum wage fee of 35 cents. In order for our minimum wage workers to get paid more the money has to come from somewhere. This cafe came up with a good way to get the extra money to supply to their minimum wage workers.

  • I don't agree but ...

    I do not think restaurants should make these charges. But of course it is their right to do so. And if they are going to do it, then its policy MUST be clearly convey to the customer(s). (Sign on door for example.)

    I much prefer the tipping system. It is better for good waiter/waitress.

  • This is a dumb idea; Also the message isn't right

    Of course they can do what they want but the message being conveyed, minimum wage being passed on entirely to the consumer, that minimum wage opponents love to spout off on isn't right. Here's why. While some of the money to pay for a minimum wage increase may be passed on to consumers not all of it is. Companies can also reduce the wages of people making more money including the top earners i.e. management. They can also take a hit to profits if they have a wide enough margin. Even if the people running a company would prefer not to have to do that raising prices discourages customers and so management staff that make such sacrifices have companies that do better in the long run.

  • No, there should be no minimum wage fee charged by any business.

    Charging a minimum wage fee in this way is ridiculous. A business should always include all required overheads in the cost of it's products. Adding a minimum wage fee suggests that the owner of a business is passing the blame for costs over to his or her employees which is entirely unfair.

  • No, this would case hardships for businesses.

    A minimum wage fee sounds nice in theory, but if employers simply paid their employees more and passed it onto the customer, it would accomplish the same goal. You do not want to broadcast that you are paying your employees low wages and seeing that on the bill would reinforce that for both customer and employee constantly.

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