• It will help, but...

    The entire Jenner affair is controversial. It all feels like a well-rehearsed publicity stunt. The show will help her exposure, but it is not likely to help the average transgender person or the person considering transgender surgery. It will help Jenner, and will help his bank account, but is it going to help the average person like this? Not likely.

  • Yes, I agree because this will be good pubilicity.

    Yes, more media exposure will help her story. People need to know her side of the story before and after her transformation. A reality show on Caitlyn Jenner will help the public understand her better as to why she had to have surgery. This will also help the fan connect with her more strongly.

  • Caitlyn Jenner's Show Will Help Her Story

    Most people today don't really understand transgender people. Oftentimes, when we don't understand, we react with fear, anger, or even hate. Caitlyn is putting a face on an issue that needs to come to light. The more we learn about her experience, the better we can relate to her and her story.

  • No, I think the extra exposure is bad press.

    No, I believe that having a reality television show brings more focus on her rather than on the reason why she decided to transition. I believe it leaves a bad taste in the public's mouth. People will believe that the whole reason she transitioned was for money and to become a bigger celebrity.

  • No it wont

    People like to see Abnormality. And he/she is the news for today, although I don't think people will be interested as much tomorrow. The media will find something more interesting. Or maybe Kim will be jealous of the spotlight being away from her and on Bruce. I guess we should wait and see.

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