California Aims to Scrap Daylight Savings Time: Should daylight savings time be scrapped nationwide?

  • Daylight Savings Time is outdated and should be scrapped nationwide.

    Daylight Savings Time does not serve a purpose anymore, and should be ended in the United States. It was started in World War I to conserve energy and fuel for the war effort. It was not proven to be effective in doing so, but we still observe it! It was not created for farmers as is the common misconception. Daylight Savings Time does nothing but waste morning daylight, make days incredibly short in some areas of the US, and has even been linked to more health problems in areas where it significantly disrupts sleep.

  • Why not try it

    If the purpose is energy savings, some studies show than the increased use of air-conditioning may erase any savings from using fewer lights during longer days. Daylight savings doesn't seem to significantly decrease gasoline use, or even help decrease car accidents. There are mixed findings on the effects on retail sales and personal health. Overall, why not try scrapping daylight savings to see if there's really a need for it?

  • Daylight savings time serves no purpose

    Daylight Savings Time in the U.S. is a relic from World War I, when it was used to support the war effort by adjusting peoples' schedules to align with the changing daylight. Because it this is no longer an urgent need, Daylights Savings Time causes confusion for very little purpose.

  • Yes, it should.

    Daylight savings time is an outdated system that no longer makes sense. It is confusing and causes people to miss work and appointments because of the time changes. People have even lost their jobs. There is no argument that makes sense for us to continue to use Daylight Savings Time.

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