California and Massachusetts legalize recreational marijuana: Should marijuana be legalized on the federal level?

  • Yes, it should be.

    I agree with the point of legalizing marijuana on the federal level. Though California and Massachusetts have legalized the recreational marijuana, i also think medical marijuana should be legalized on the federal level. This is because marijuana is a good drug and make the users feel good and they don't misbehave like the drunkards.

  • Yes, I think so.

    People vote to legalize pot not because they necessary use it, but because they realize that arresting people who do is stupid. Worried about the kids? Keep it locked up with your guns and liquor. Marijuana usage is governed under federal law and it is still a crime. We can not allow states to violate federal drug laws, period. These laws must be vacated immediately.

  • probably it should

    It depends on how much regulation would be involved, legalizing marijuana at the federal level would create a decent amount of paper, person hours and time . It may make the product and process of getting it a bit safer, and would also turn it into a tax revenue generating product. So it could create a few jobs and maybe make it safer.

  • It is not helpful.

    Marijuana helps very few people. It does, however, cause lots of people to miss work. It also causes people to hurt others in driving while high incidents. There is so little good that comes from marijuana that it is not helpful to legalize it. Instead we should work at prevention efforts.

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