California bans plastic grocery bags: Should consumers be allowed to choose the type of bag that they wish to use?

  • Think before you ban

    Cloth bags need to be washed with hot soapy water, and soaked or sprayed with a disinfectant from time to time. Otherwise they spread germs. Paper bags are not to bad, but cost more, that's why we went with plastic. The real solution is to come up with a strong enough plastic bag, so it will be usable, and then breakdown and bio-degrade after a few weeks or months. Or set up an easy and effective way to recycle the plastic bags. It would have to reward the consumer in someway to work. Maybe credits toward their next purchase? If one of you geniuses come up with the solution, you will probably get rich.

  • consumers should have a right to choose the bags they want to use

    Plastic in itself is not bad but rather how it is used is the issue. Plastic bags are known to last longer and therefore can be recycled. Instead of banning them,, strategies should be made to appeal to people to either reuse or recycle their plastics. For instance a reward can be given to those who reuse or recycle their plastic bags

  • Consumers need to choose

    While I am all for banning plastic, we need to make sure that the paper bags provided have handles on them like the plastic ones. This is because in a lot of major cities people walk home with their groceries. If you get rid of the handles it will make carrying a good amount of groceries home almost impossible. So comsumers need some kind of choice for accessibility.

  • No, they should not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think they should not because if people have a choice they would almost all the time say plastic bags. Plastic bags cause many animal deaths! We also don't want turtles to go extinct or else they die forever No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

  • Ban Plastic Bags!

    Let it be banned. Having plastic bags should be a privilege actually. Most people are not responsible with their store bags. The pollution is the state is horrid. When I lived in California about a year ago all you can see is bags all over the beach, playgrounds, on highway exits and parking lots. They were everywhere. I don't see why more people are not using reusable bags anyway. Reusable bags beat plastic bags any day.

  • No, consumers should not be allowed to choose the type of bag they wish to use.

    If consumers were allowed to choose, they would often select the easiest option which is to take a plastic bag. This doesn't mean that they want to use a plastic bag, only that they didn't think to bring another one. Removing that choice means that consumers will have to choose a better option.

  • Ban plastic bags

    No I think that it is a great idea to ban plastic grocery bags and consumers should not get to choose what kind of bag that they wish to use. Using cloth is a great alternative to plastic and paper and it is reusable. It is also more durable. It is a great idea to ban them.

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