• Yes, we make it illegal to kill people.

    Come on girls, if it's illegal people won't do it, besides only men kill other people so I guess the on;y action next in line is have less men. Guns are also important as you need guns to protect yourself against rapists today, without guns I might be in-danger. America's gun laws are perfect right about now.

  • Stop The Guns.

    With all of the shooting that is going on, we need to find a way to stop the guns, why are we passing laws now that allow you to carry gun legally, the public is not fit to handle guns, because now people find any reason to shoot a gun, and end up killing innocent people on accident.

  • No, we do not do enough to prevent mass shootings

    While a lot of people clamor for stricter gun control, it will not ultimately solve the problem. The real issue is the reason WHY these people end up doing mass shootings, and with Elliot Rodgers, his was a psychological problem. Early detection and treatment would have mitigated the issue, as his "manifesto" did not indicate his therapy sessions until much later in life.

  • No, state laws are ineffective in preventing mass shootings.

    Unfortunately, ending mass shootings appears to be a daunting task. With knowledge of the grim reality that obtaining even illegal weapons is all too easy, one comes to a conclusion that even the most staunch gun control laws are ineffective in preventing mass shootings. In my opinion, it is the fault of institutions designed at uncovering mental illnesses and their lack of cautionary diagnosis for patients who appear to be capable of committing mass killings.

  • No, Society Needs to Be More Educated on Possible Warning Signs

    There is always a need for further education regarding gun control and the steps one can take to prevent further killings. Society needs to be educated on what warning signs to look for in disturbed individuals. By knowing the warning signs to look for, this can help identify individuals who are suffering from mental disorders. Although it may not completely prevent sociopaths from harming others or themselves, having the knowledge to recognize warning signs may allow individuals to get the help they need before they attempt drastic measures such as this mass shooting. If individuals educate themselves on what to do during a dire situation and have a plan of escape in cases such as these, then we may be able to prevent the death of others. Knowledge is the key component and I feel that society is lacking in this area. If humanity becomes educated on identifying warning signs that present themselves prior to situations, we may be able to decrease the number of mass shootings in our country.

  • No, We Do Not.

    More action needs to be taken to prevent crime before it happens and stop it when it does happen rather than eliminate a simple tool aka firearms from the population. Mass murder, robbery, rape and suicide all happen and have happened throughout our existence without firearms and with devastating results. Trying to reduce mass shooting by eliminating guns is the equivalent to eliminating medication because people abuse it. Good people with good intent, that have the mentality and capability to properly use a firearm are just as needed, if not more that police officers and our military. We entrust each of those men and women with our lives, but a man or woman without a uniform and the same legal right to carry a firearm...We are afraid of? How many police officers have killed innocent bystanders, beaten a man nearly to death because of race or emotional state and have been found guilty of drug abuse? Yet we fully assume each and every one of them will be able to handle a weapon better than any civilian. We need armed civilians to be there in a moments notice, just the same as we rely on police to be there when we call them. Law enforcement are not our body guards, they have a job to do. Civilians, preferably armed, are responsible for being the first responders in case of an emergency. If nobody is armed and ready, you or others may be dead before a phone is picked up and the police are called.

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