California killing spree: Should the shooter's parents be financially responsible to victims' families?

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  • Why should they?

    Why should the shooters family be responsible for what the shooter did? They acted on their own accord. It would be like if your kid gets a DUI is it your fault he or she did it from college in another state? NO of course its not there is no way to tell some things.

  • No, the California shooter's parents should not be responsible to the victims' families.

    The parents of the shooter in the recent California killing spree should not be responsible to the victims' families. The parents of the shooter are victims of the shooter in much the same way that the shooting victims are. The lives of the parents have been changed forever as a result of the shooting and they should not be punished any further.

  • No, parents are not legally responsible for their adult children.

    No. As the perpetrator of the killings in California was a 20 year old adult, his parents should bear no financial responsibility towards the victim's families. Parents are not legally obligated to provide financial assistance to their adult children as a general rule. Additionally, as the shooter did not live with his parents and was beyond the scope of their authority he is considered to be emancipated. Parents bear no financial responsibility for their emancipated children.

  • No, they shouldn't be responsible.

    They absolutely should not be held financially responsible for something their adult son did. They tried to get their child help, but legally there was nothing they could do as he was an adult. I don't even think this would be a consideration if the man did not have wealthy parents, but since they are a part of Hollywood I believe that is why people consider it fair game for the victims.

  • Can of worms

    Making parents responsible for their adult child's behavior would open a legal can of worms that could possible affect every crime and legal case in the country. Mental illness is so unpredictable, holding the shooters parents responsible is illogical. We can't make parents financially or legally responsible for their adult children, because then every adult criminal's parents can be held accountavle.

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