California police have ramped up asset seizures of legal cannabis companies. Do police have too much power?

  • Yes, they do.

    Police have a great deal of power that they sometimes abuse. They often have the ultimate authority over people's actions. While this can later be overturned in court, the truth is that many of the abuses they cause never really have their day in court, and the abuses are not stopped.

  • Police are getting more powerful

    The fact that police officers are now seizing legal cannabis companies indicates that police forces have been gaining power. They have no right to interfere with what is, under the law, considered legal. This is the complete opposite of what the police should be doing, which is cracking down on illegal activity.

  • Police have too much power

    If a business if operating legally, there should be no reason why asset seizures are happening. Police have power, but it is too much power when they abuse it. They are able to do a number of things normal citizens cannot and it is problematic when these things are done without reason.

  • In this case the police have too much power, but not overall they don't.

    Police don't have too much power overall. However in this instance it doesn't make sense to be seizing assets of legal cannabis companies. Regardless of what your company does, if it is legal and you are acting appropriately the police nor anybody else should be able to take you assets. In this case the police do have too much power and should be spending their time on other issues.

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