• Not going to vote for a lier

    If you guys haven't noticed of how much a lier Hillary Clinton is here's a video that might help:

    I hope more people realize she is not going to help the Unites States, nor will trump. But I believe sanders is our last hope because he will change our country around in the right direction.

  • Sanders will gain victory.

    Bernie Sanders should defeat Hillary Clinton in the California primary. Why? Bernie Sanders is, simply put, the more popular candidate. His views on racial equality, domestic issues and economics heavily outweigh those of Hillary Clinton. Despite her issues with the press and the many scandals she has been a part of, she have a good chance, but will ultimately lose.

  • No, I do not think that Bernie Sanders will defeat Hillary Clinton because in most polls Clinton holds a slight lead.

    No, I do not think that Bernie Sanders will defeat Hillary Clinton because Clinton is projected to emerge as the victor in most reputable polls. The race in California between Clinton and Sanders is neck and neck but I believe that the Jerry Brown's endorsement of Hillary Clinton will help her pull out a victory.

  • No, he won't

    Sanders will not defeat Clinton, people are finally starting to see he does not stand a chance and nobody likes to back someone who has no chance of winning. When you vote for Sanders, you are effectively voting for Trump. Democrats need to vote for Hillary to keep Trump out of office.

  • It will be a close race, but Clinton will edge Sanders.

    While it will likely be a close race, I believe that Clinton will still edge Sanders. Sanders has been able to gather a great of support from younger voters, but it is likely that minorities will favor Clinton and her campaign among her other supporters. With that cluster of voters in her pocket, Clinton will likely come out ahead.

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