California school bans leggings: Should this be the norm?

  • Come on girls.

    Quit wearing leggings! It's totally inappropriate! Your booty is not a presentation! Quit trying to show it off! It's not like we are bulling you! But the only excuse you seem to come up with is that they are "comfy" well my underwear is comfy, do you see me going out in them!

  • Boys couldn't wear them.

    All I have to say is if boys wore them as fashion, they would get banned too ladies... You'll see us wear them for football but that's it, but its considered appropriate for athletic activities for both sexes. Not to be worn in classrooms. I hate to say it but the female butt has been the focal point of sexuality of women these days. Look at all these reality T.V. shows. Women are putting emphasis on that body part by creating twerking videos, getting injections, wearing fake butt garments and taking selfies of just their butts. So don't say boys and men are sexualizing a normal body part because ladies, it's you or your peers that place our attention on it. Quite frankly I think they are sexy on women.

  • This is Ridiculous

    Skinny jeans show just as much curve as leggings! What do people except us to wear if anything we put on is inappropriate. A trash bag? Wearing what you feel comfortable in boosts your confidence and can make you feel better wherever you are. Most girls don't wear leggings to purposely attract attention to their butts which is why its just crazy for someone to make generalizations like that. It seems like now a days everything a woman or girl wears is inappropriate. Name one item that is inappropriate on a man or boy! I'm sorry that women have curves and I understand that for some people they don't feel comfortable but its not our problem. Girls should not have to pick clothes that revolve around men's needs. Of course there need to be boundaries with clothing at schools. But leggings show no skin so why is this such a big problem. They show curves but so what, everyone has them its not like its some big secret. Why let kids wear free dress if they cant even pick out what they WANT TO WEAR!? We might as well all have uniform.

  • Don't take it for granted

    From a man's perspective a woman wearing leggings is pretty much the same as if she were naked. Leggings are not pants or alternatives for pants. They are inner wear. You have no idea how it feels, physically and emotionally, to be a young boy surrounded by that which he desperately desires yet forbidden to follow his biologically urgent impulses.

  • Your right end when they infringe on others rights

    This isn't freedom of speech, speech is verbal. This is visual and it creates mental images that linger longer than words. You need to consider that not everyone goes to strip clubs. If you need to dress like this you might have a career in exotic dancing. You don't wear clothing because your looking at them, it's for people that see you throughout the day. These boys aren't guilty of anything other then noticing what your advertising. Sham on you for advertising perversion girls!!

  • Immorality runs rampant

    If your girl can't help but dress trashy, then there's a problem with her, not the community.

    People need to understand that this world and society is based on morals. You don't show off your flaps like it's a strip club. A school is supposed to have a proper dresscode and if you whine about it then you don't belong in society.

  • That just it

    Girls need to learn how to wear them properly. Even though they don't get the concept that yes. The sheer leggings show a lot of body parts. Girls! I'm a girl too. I love leggings as well. But is it necessary that every time you bend down we have to see your underwear and or your thong. They are Not pants. They are like tights. Stop wearing these like they are pants. Or stop being lazy and find a diff. Outfit. A girl in my class bend over with sheer leggings and I was going to tell her that her thong was showing very clearly and can see the skin of your butt

  • Leggings should be worn under another piece of clothing

    Yes, schools should ban leggings if they are worn as a single piece of clothing. Many little girls are wearing leggings as a pair of pants. The clothing articles are form fitting and in some cases show off body parts that should not be shown at any age. If they are worn under a skirt in order to cover the legs, they should be acceptable, otherwise they should be banned.

  • Schools have a right to create dress codes as they wish.

    Any school has the absolute right to ban suggestive, overly tight, revealing, or short clothing or any clothing with slogans that are profane or incite hatred.
    Wearing leggings as hosiery under a skirt or dress would probably pass muster in any school's dress code, but wearing them as pants falls under the "overly tight or revealing" category.

  • Yes, it should be the norm that schools ban leggings.

    I believe that leggings should be banned in all schools, as they were in this California school. Many of the leggings are shear and reveal body parts that shouldn't be revealed, especially if a girl does not wear the legging with a skirt or dress. Leggings can be a distraction to boys. Educating young people today is difficult enough. Cut down on as many distractions as possible.

  • Leggings are an inexpensive part of every girls wardrobe.

    Leggings are not only comfortable, but affordable. Sure some girls wear leggings to be revealing but some are wearing them because thats all they can afford or just because they are comfortable. It is not girls fault that some teenage boys are hormonal and get distracted easily. Leggings are also very fashionable in these times. So please tell me what exactly am I aloud to wear because most of my wardrobe is already crossed of the list of appropriate thing to wear. Shorts, nope to "revealing". Tank tops, "inappropriate". Now people are saying leggings and skinny jeans should not be worn. This is actually disgusting that girls are having this rules forced upon them. But you know ho many of these apply to boys none. In my days i have never once seen any boy have been dress coded. I wonder why?

  • This is not fair

    Why should the female race get in trouble for a boys behavior. It is not are fault we're beautiful. When you take us out of class to say we need to change not only are you taking away from OUR learning time you are saying boys education is more important.

  • No one should be looking at you in that way!

    If anyone is looking at u in that way when you are wearing leggings that is not the girls fault, it is the fault of the person who is looking at her in that way. And even If someone is looking at you in that way as a staff member then they should be fired or something like that.

  • Putting Down Girls Bodies?

    Girls and women will always have curves, they will always have a butt its not like its some big secret that needs to be kept from everyone. Most girls who wear leggings have no intention of attracting attention to their body parts and I feel like by making these bans schools are teaching girls that their body needs to be hidden and that their natural curves are disgusting. How is this helping in any way. Girls need to be empowered and feel confident with their bodies especially now with all of the weightism and bad feelings towards bodies. I understand that their needs to be some guidelines and I get the normal ones light crop tops and length of clothing but leggings cover your whole leg!

    Posted by: emag
  • The problem isn't leggings, it's the boys

    I was very upset when I learned of this new rule. Some people have good reasons to wear leggings such as yoga. Their reasoning doesn't even make sense, how can leggings distract the boys when our legs are under the desks. Their reasons are as crazy as saying that if a girl wearing a mini skirt gets raped its her fault!

  • Not At All

    Leggings are most definitely pants and should be allowed to be worn by girls in schools. They are very comfortable, and they actually DON'T "show off body parts". There are many types of leggings that are made of thicker material and not see-through at all. I wear leggings often, like many other girls in my school, and we all agree that they are comfortable and ideal for a long day, much more comfortable for sitting in class then jeans. When I compare my leggings to my black skinny jeans, I can barely see the difference when I'm standing a few feet away from the mirror, and YES, I have perfect vision because I wear contact lenses. If boys are distracted by my tight leggings, THEY are being immature. THEY are the problem.

  • It is stupid

    Girls can wear what the y please. If boys choose to be gross about it, that is there problema not the girls. And just because some girls choose to abuse that privalege, dosent mean you can take it away from all girls in america. Shame on you. Schools need leggings.

  • You can't force a girl to not wear leggings

    In the real world, girls are going to wear leggings if they want to, so why would we ban them in schools if they are inevitably going to want to wear them at some point in their life? If a male student is distracted, they can learn to control themselves and not do anything inappropriate. Why should girls be forced to ditch their leggings while boys can wear whatever they wish and not be blamed for it??

  • Banning leggings is completely unnecessary!

    I completely see how a school would say crop top or short skirt could be risky for school. But banning leggings is completely unnecessary . The pant that covers the whole leg and is not revealing. Just cause you ban leggings does not mean you are stopping ANYONE from looking at a girl in that kind of way. This is also showing our generation that our bodies and natural beauties should be hidden and are a bad thing. We should be able to wear what we want. If these people who are making the rule think they are doing ANYTHING GOOD FOR US your really not.

  • We should just be able to wear what we want.

    If boys get distracted just by seeing a girl wear something tight, it's their problem. Girls always get targetted when it's about wearing clothes that show off parts of our body. It isn't our fault that boys are so obssessed by woman's body. Whatever we'll wear, they'll see a problem.

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