California to vote on marijuana legalization: Will California vote to legalize marijuana?

  • Yes, based on California's history with similar laws.

    California passed the legal gay marriage law far before it was legal everywhere else. This gives the impression that they will also see the benefits of legalizing marijuana far before most of the rest of the country. In recent times California has always seemed to give its citizens freedoms as long as the citizens are not using those freedoms for harm. They will probably see the relative lack of harm in marijuana, making this a repeat of previous events.

  • Legalization is impending everywhere

    Not only in California, but in states across the country we will see marijuana become legal for recreational use as well as for medicinal purposes. The results of many studies have shown that, although not necessarily 'healthy,' marijuana is certainly not as harmful as once thought, especially with government oversight and regulation. There are many kinks to work out still, but the revenue gained from the legal sale of marijuana could prove astronomical for the economy.

  • Yes, I do not live in California. But if I lived in California, I would vote ‘yes’ to legalize marijuana

    Creating a legal, responsible and regulated framework for marijuana is a predominant civil rights issue and it’s long overdue. The current system is counterproductive, financially wasteful and racially biased, and the people of California have repeatedly called for it to be fixed. This measure will ensure that California is not unjustly criminalizing responsible adults while also ensuring that children are protected while the State receives hundreds of millions of new dollars for the vital government and community-based programs

  • Yes, California will vote to legalize marijuana.

    California voters are likely to approve a referendum legalizing marijuana for recreational use. California was one of the first states to approve medical marijuana several years ago. The attitudes toward recreational marijuana have become more liberal as many believe that the government should decriminalize the drug; instead of incarcerating so many non-violent drug offenders.

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