• I love Call of Duty

    Call of Duty is the best! It is my favorite game right now! Halo is cool and all but I personally think Call of Duty is 10 times better. There are even zombies in Call of Duty. It's amazing because it also has different map packs you can buy and play on them! Yah, I know they are pretty high in price but that doesn't stop me from playing it!

  • Cod is sick

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  • Call of duty

    I like call of duty because i have been playing it since i had a play station. And frankly my friend would not shut up about it so i am asking the people what is better call of duty or halo choose wisley . Thats my reason so respect that.

  • COD IS Great

    Cod is a much better game than halo. With a multiplayer that absolutely destroys halo online gameplay , the gmae is also much more party friendly with everything moving away from campin ( halo is pretty much 95% camping) the games are shorter and waaaaaayyyy more intense . But its more of a preference i could sit here all day explaining why cod is way better it's really what your looking for Halo is more of a Single player campaign game vrs Cod's amazing online experience .

  • Don't be an idiot.

    Halo is so much better on all levels. If you disagree with me, debate me. I dare you. I need more words to submit this. I need more words to submit this. I need more words to submit this. I need more words to submit this. I need more words to submit this.

  • Call of Duty is for mind-numb children.

    For any gamer that has the sense of getting good at a game and eventually becoming so good, people admire your skill. Halo is for you. If you want a game that basically spoon feeds you with EASY one hit kills spammed up the a** with every single weapon in the game. Call of Duty is for you. Takes real skill (Halo) v.S. Having minimum I.Q. Of 70 to be human (Call of Duty). The whole reason Call of Duty has a fan-base is because people like easy games and whats sad is that the dumb (COD fanbase) people don't know they are being fu*cked in the arse by CODs developers/publishers. There is so many more reasons why Halo is better, but I don't want to get people even more butthurt.

  • Not a terribly big Halo fan, just dislike the CoD series. Seems massively overpriced, and far too average.

    But hey, if CoD brings joy to people, even if it has to do it in a way I don't appreciate (sick of there being so many FPS games) then I'm glad it's doing that. But it really isn't my thing- FPS games bore me. I found Halo a bit more fun. I still wouldn't put it on my top ten list though. Nintendo probably has titles I'd enjoy more. I can think of several for Wii U off the top of my head, and plenty from earlier consoles. Yes, neither is very high on my list.

  • Halo is the better game.

    Call of Duty is a decent game, however Halo is timeless and allows people to really enjoy a 1st person shooter. As well as this, it does something Call of Duty can't (besides making a quality game) it allows you to feel the immense size of space, being a game based on species battling for survival, you really get to understand the sheer size of this games world.

  • Halo has a better story and more things to do frankly

    Halo is very unique in that is is a first person shooter but you can customize almost everything. Halo has better story then Call of Duty that really make you feel for the characters. Call of duty throws together a new story every game and never builds on the last story. Halo is also more friendly in the way that it allows you to play with all four of your friends instead of only two. In halo you can change how high you jump, how fast you run, how powerful you are, and you can make your our maps and you own games when Call of Duty can barley handle playing with two players. The only real down fall i see in Halo is that it's only for Xbox, but I have a PS3 and still love it. Don't get me wrong Call of duty is a good game, well the old ones, but in my opinion the list goes Halo, Battlefield, Destiny, then Call of duty because Call of duty doesn't have that much to do as the other ones

  • Spartans never die

    Halo has a much more interesting and comprehensive storyline as well as an elaborate universe than cod. Cod is action packed and it can be said to be more popular but what it needs is a central character( much like master chief) or a central timeline around which the story revolves. That would really give it the depth it needs. Depth is what makes halo better than cod because when you play you know you're doing your part for a greater cause whereas in cod it seems as if there is no continuation between different games (except modern warfare and black ops) which makes it seem kind of random and somewhat unconnected.

  • Immersive world and story versus "shoot stuff to get points"

    Call of Duty is fun and all, but if you're looking for a really good video game experience to get invested in Halo is the way to go. Call of Duty is simply a series of the same game used over and over every year so Activision can empty the wallets of the parents of ten-year-olds. The "campaign" is laughable and multiplayer experiences, while being fun, are filled with racist/foul-mouthed/homophobic little kids. Halo has things like a story that develops, lots of backstory, changing characters and weapons, and multiplayer game types other than "shoot people." Overall, Call of Duty isn't necessarily a bad series and can be fun in short doses, but the game for the hardcore audience is definitely Halo.

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