Call Of Duty's community is giving gaming a bad name

Asked by: sauerking
  • Just look at the only 'No' argument, then try figuring out why adults provoke kids. Hint: They're usually being selfish idiots.

    Seriously, most are immature children obsessed with MLG. And all they play is first-person shooters. A gamer is someone who plays games in general, usually role-playing games. Some of the COD players whine about how 'omg u dons plahy cOD uR A LOSER W KNO LYFE!!!!111!!' Meanwhile, most of them sit on their Playstation and Xbox just shooting other players and trying to be cool. Seriously, the amount of assholes in that community makes gamers look bad. Not all sit around playing shooting games and bragging about being the most MLG - a lot don't play such a mainstream game and actually learn things from games and test their ability to make connections in puzzles or while looking for an object.

    - I actually had a much better argument but I accidentally deleted it so this is just a sloppy excuse right now.

  • Children, Teens AND Adults

    Because of the COD series real gamers are getting a bad name, the COD community can be good but most of what I have seen of it is a mix of little kids swearing and trying to act tough and people who don't understand half of the things they say while real gamers usually think before they open their mouths and aren't 8

  • My opinion isn't to paint with too broad a brush because only those with mics can be clearly determined to be jerks or not.

    My first point of contention is the "real" gamers versus everyone else. Most of us don't plop down our hard-earned to be a part of some sort of cognoscenti. But, Pay our money we did, And to be mocked for not knowing how to play well is a pain in the ass. I had a guy online tell me "dude, You have 2 kills and 11 deaths. Go sit down". I politely replied that if he and the rest of my team weren't sitting down, Perhaps I wouldn't get shot from 5 directions every time I tried to move around the map. We lost 20 to 75, So these guys weren't exactly rampaging, But they were good at talking smack. The next oh so obvious point is the unfairness and the frustration that comes with it. Losing to good players is fine and expected, But shooting someone point-blank in the back repeatedly, Only to have them turn and kill you? ! Not really fun. I don't know anything about Internet latency or gaming algorithms, So I just assume that it is an imperfect art. Now, We all know that modding is out of hand, But I understand the frustration. We want something close to a level playing field. I have been shot at from what would be 200 yards, With one lightning fast round from a handgun! I have heard the arguments that it is all about the skill, But I now know better. There was a guy literally flying, Teleporting, Etc. When I saw him firing while hovering over the ocean. . I commented and all of a sudden, I could do the same things. I could see the enemy everywhere on the map, Could move anywhere instantly, And so on. . I assume that he was soliciting buyers for his product. I have often played with people that had an advantage the was likely purchased (1 hour on the game with a 3. 85 average and no losses). But, As I alluded to earlier, It is the smug attitude that is annoying. I bought a gaming system to have fun, Not to be chided because I am not a real gamer. After all, I paid real money. There is always someone that will be quick to say suck it up. But games should be fair, And players should be good sports, And the matchmaking shouldn't put me against someone with 60 days playing time!

  • Sometimes we are bad

    But if you go on cod their are a lot of adults with no life that profoke the young kids to make them act tuff. The whole point of acting tuff on cod is so people wont think of you as a punk when they beat you in a quick scope match. Add me on ps3 ace11213 bo2 1v1

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