• I believe the electoral college is outdated and unfair.

    The electoral college selects its politicians, of which can have their opinions swayed by that of corporate lobbyist, creating an unfair system that undermines and detriments the vote of the people.
    I believe that any system where significant margins of votes can be bought is an unfair system, and while even within a popular vote system, it is much harder to sway the beliefs of enough people to produce a significant margin.
    In short ( TL;DR):
    The electoral college undermines the vote of the people and can be very corrupt.

  • Electoral College is outdated...And unfair, to boot.

    The Electoral College has resulted in a number of our Presidential Elections being stolen out from under us, admittedly, and Hillary Clinton's near-election as the first female President of the USA is no exception, though she's by no means the first one to have that happen to her. Eliminating the Electoral College would be a long way towards giving our Electoral system the necessary overhaul that it so badly needs.

    Posted by: mplo
  • The world has changed

    Many of the world leading countries need to go back to the drawing board with their electoral systems. Donald Trumps election echoes that of the recent UK general election where the Conservative Party was elected into full power, without having an obvious majority. Newer and fairer electoral systems need to be worked out to ensure that democracy can continue.

  • We don't need it

    The electoral college has finally shown that it is outdated and not beneficial. When a candidate can win the popular vote by almost 3 million and still not win the election, we have to start wondering what the heck the problem is. More people voted for Clinton, and she should be our president. But because of the antiquated electoral college, we are stuck with Trump, a man that more people detest than support.

  • No it is not outdated.

    I can see that many people on the yes side don't understand the electoral college very well. It exists for a reason and is certainly not outdated. One state should not get to decide for 49 states. It is needed for obvious reasons and shouldn't go away anytime soon. Many of the yes people really need to take a Civics class or two. Like for real.

  • No, it's misunderstood

    The founding fathers wanted to prevent the rule of a king, so they settled for democracy. However, there is one problem with democracy, whatever state had the most people would basically dictate the entire country. The United States of America is actually considered a republic, which is when we elect people to elect on our behalf. That is why the electoral college must stay in effect.

  • No, the electoral college is not outdated.

    No, the electoral college is not outdated. It is simply misunderstood and misused. The electoral college was included in the Constitution by the founders who saw it as a safeguard against tyranny. They wanted to have a stop-gap measure to be used in case of a dictator who was able to manipulate and control the masses, winning election. It was a protection mechanism and was intended to allow for electors to vote their conscience in times of crisis. It should have been used as such during this election.

  • The electoral college is not outdated

    Although the reasons for the electoral college may be rooted in slavery that is not a cause to believe it is outdated. The country has since grown to 50 states. In order to ensure that the smallest of states get some attention from the Executive Branch it is imperative to maintain the electoral college system. Otherwise, the presidential campaigns would simply focus on the most populous regions in order to rack up a huge popular vote tally and meanwhile ignoring the rest of America.

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