Calls to legalize cannabis to boost tax income and save millions: Is this the right step?

  • It is definitely the right step.

    The issue of cannabis legalization has sparked opinions on both sides. However, the success following Colorado's legalization of marijuana speaks volumes on why it is a good step. Prejudice against cannabis is an outdated and uninformed idea generally advocated due to a lack of information and research. Scientific data shows the many uses of cannabis in medicine, as well as its benefit to the environment and the economy.

  • I think it would help

    There are however societal effects that we have to watch and I do not think have been studied enough yet. What will the long lasting impact of legalization be and will it lead to more use of hard drugs or more accidents or more crime. I think it can help economically but I do not think it is the right step for us yet. (Ironically I sit here stoned writing this)

  • Legalizing cannabis will help the economy.

    I think that legalizing cannabis will be incredibly beneficial to the economy. Creating an industry around the product will create many new jobs and generate income. By legalizing cannabis, the country can create an entirely new market for a product that is not currently available to obtain through legal means.

  • Yes, I agree.

    Germany is also getting ready to legalise cannabis for medical purposes and Canada is preparing for all-out decriminalisation. The Netherlands effectively decriminalised cannabis decades ago, while Portugal legalised it in 2001. Cannabis prohibition is being swept away on a tide of popular opinion and replaced with responsible legal regulation. It also says the number of prisoners in jail for drugs offences would drop, saving the taxpayer millions.

  • Cannabis should be legalized

    I fully believe cannabis should be legalized nation-wide due to the benefits it has in certain medical conditions. Also, many people in prison are there because of cannabis use and that costs lots of tax dollars. Selling cannabis in stores with sufficient taxes would help to improve the economy in many ways.

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