• Calum is Better

    Calum Hood can play the bass and also sings, and Liam Payne only sings, and also Calum is more attractive. Even though Liam Payne is in a more popular band, Calum's band 5SOS is growing bigger and bigger, and soon will become a very popular band that everyone loves, so calum is better

  • Meh not really

    To be fair they're both the same but ones american and the other is British! I use to think one direction were really we some but now they're just turning like every other boy and out there which is disappointing to say the least! But still, 1D is waaaay better than 5SOS

  • Liam Payne is better

    Yes, Calum may be in a growing band. But you can't just state that he is better with him just being multi-talented. Liam Payne is also a great looking lad, but just with that, one can't simply say he is better. As I may remind everyone, there are leaked photos of Calum's you know what. And in the four years that One Direction has been famous, there has not been an inappropriate photo of Liam Payne himself. Also, Liam Payne is better because of what he's done in life. He's helped create so many organizations to help the people in need all over the world. For example, One Direction was suppose to create a music video for their cover song "One Way or Another" but instead, he and his band members suggested to donate that money to a foundation in Africa for young children that are sick, instead of spending it to create the music video.

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