Cameroon fights during World Cup: Should Assou Ekotto be banned from international play?

  • Fighting Is Intolerable.

    You cannot just let someone beat everyone up just to win a stupid game! If someone did that, nobody in that country would like it since their players came all the way there just to go to the hospital. His anger was just too much to be allowed in a game like soccer. *End of rant*

  • He was inappropriate.

    Millions of children around the world watch the World Cup, and Assou Ekotto needs to be banned, in order to show the children that the way he behaved was inappropriate. He fought with his own players. He needs to take a time out and learn how to behave appropriately during a match.

  • Violence is Inexcuseable.

    In a competition, where the whole world is watching, and players are supposed to be an inspiration, allowing acts of aggression to go unpunished is something that shouldn't happen. Players should promote sportsmanship and unity, and showing them to freely attack any other player at all sets a terrible example for those who aspire to be like them.

  • Banning Assou Ekotto Is Too Drastic

    Everyone agrees that Assou-Ekotto went too far head butting his Cameroon team-mate Benjamin Moukandjo. Especially because it was during the final stages of the match against Croatia, where Cameroon lost 4-0.Yet it did not end there, Assou-Ekotto's anger continued and Samuel Eto'o was forced to restrain him in the tunnel. Banning him completely from international play would be too drastic. However, he should at least be fined, his behavior was just completely unprofessional and unacceptable.

  • He was Already Penalized

    Even though his actions were atrocious, he was already penalized for his misbehavior. He received a red card and was punished for the head butt. After that, there really shouldn't be any kind of penalty. Banning him from playing internationally would be too big of a punishment. That is why he shouldn't be banned.

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