Camila Cabello is leaving Fifth Harmony: Will the band survive without her?

  • They will survive.

    Fifth Harmony is a popular band. Usually, in the course of a band's performance history, there are performers that come and go. This is true for all of the most famous bands over time. Camila Cabello is a great musician, but she is just one member of the band. The band will go on without her.

  • Camila Cabello's departure from Fifth Harmony could affect the band's survival.

    Camila Cabello's decision to leave Fifth Harmony could very well have a negative impact on the band. Many times certain members of a group will leave to pursue other avenues. Whether or not the band can go on, will usually depend on the position the person held in the group. As Camila was singer and song writer for the band, it may make it difficult for the band to carry on.

  • I'm sorry fourth harmony:(

    CC was a very strong part of fifth harmony and it will be hard to recover. Yes the rest of the group is very talented but if they don't find that spark that sets them apart and opens a world of new opportunities then with great remorse I have to say they wont survive the only group I think will survive at least for now is little mix.

  • Bands don't survive when a member leaves.

    It's happened before and it will keep on happening, when a band member leaves the band disintegrates. I suppose Fifth Harmony will keep on playing but it's more likely that Cabello will carve out a successful solo career. The only reason she left, no matter how much she denies it, is that she is better and the band was holding her back.

  • No, unless an suberb replacement can be found quickly.

    Girl groups rarely seem to survive the exit of group members. Frankly, history is not on their side. It also doesn't help that the group was artifically created as a part of reality television, something that has not helped to promote band cohesion with other groups. Though there music sells well, they are pedestrian in their styling, failing to truly stand out in the music industry. Thus, without a new member (or album) of sufficient "WOW" factor, the group will quickly fade from public consciousness.

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