Campaign contributions for Bernie Sanders have increased: Would you vote for Bernie Sanders?

  • Sanders appears to represent the people instead of big business

    The one common theme among all the current politicians they are funded by and represent big business rather than the interest of the people they are supposed to represent. It would be nice to see what someone who isn't funded by interests other than those of the public they are elected to represent.

  • Sanders would have my vote

    Sanders is obtaining more contributions supporting his campaign. But besides this, he is a very relatable candidate, supports the minorities, and would help the middle class with tax breaks. If he beats Clinton to become the Democratic presidential nominee, then he would definitely have my vote in the 2016 presidential election.

  • Yes, I would vote for Bernie Sanders.

    With more campaign contributions going to Bernie Sanders the tide, I believe is swinging towards his favor. I have always wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders for his stance on healthcare. Also his stance on getting Big Money or would you say Big Business out of politics and restoring democracy is also one of his objectives.

  • Sanders pulls in dollars as electability doubts creeps in

    Although Senator Bernie Sanders is running a spirited campaign, his ability to win the presidency casts doubt on whether he receives my vote. His positions have merit and he talks about improving the average working man and woman's lives. However, he is officially a Democratic Socialist, which will likely turn off most of the American public in the general election.

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