Campaign staffs feud after the election: Is the FBI to blame for Clinton's loss?

  • Yes, the FBI is to blame for Clinton's loss.

    Yes, the FBI is to blame for Clinton's loss because they only focused on their investigations of her. They did not mention that they were also investigating Trump. It was not fair of them to do this. They tried to trick the American people into voting for Trump, and it worked.

  • An Election of the Century: Not One Group Can Be Blamed

    The 2016 election is one that will be remembered for decades to come. Nearly everyone assumed Secretary Clinton would be the winner. Not even financial traders could have imagined a Trump win. Gary Johnson's campaign and his voters could be blamed for spoiling the election. Russian hackers and social media influence could be to blame. Mark Zuckerberg, irresponsibly allowing downright fake/misleading news to flood his website (Facebook) where over 40% of adults in 2016 get their news, could be to blame. We could partially blame the FBI, perhaps, but they would not be the only ones at fault. This election illustrates the fact that we all need to take a look at many aspects of ourselves, and our society, and ask: how did we get here?

  • No, not likely.

    There are many factors that led to Hillary Clinton loosing the election and while they may have had a very small part in here losing the election, they are not the biggest reason why. The constant investigation of her e-mails may have contributed, but public perception what's a bigger part.

  • No, the FBI is not entirely to blame for Clinton's loss in the election

    No, the FBI is not entirely to blame for Clinton's loss in the election. The FBI was just one of many factors in her loss. In addition to voter views, there was some definite tampering and interference by outside sources as well as possibly those directly involved in the election. An investigation into all aspects is warranted.

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