Campus attack at Ohio State University: are we doing enough to prevent them?

  • Maybe we are, and maybe we aren't.

    I don’t think there is anything “we" can do to prevent these things from happening because they are part of a larger agenda. I think a lot of crazy stuff is going on in this world, and all these things that look like random crimes are just events that will set something else in motion. The government will be allowed additional jurisdiction over our lives or some such. Maybe increased security could have helped, but then there would be another person killed somewhere else.

  • Yes, we are.

    This was a dangerous and scary attempt to create havoc and hurt people at the OHIO state university. Fortunately the attacker was not able to get a gun onto campus, and while there were serious injuries l, no longer e died as a result of the attacks, which means than gun control and campus safety were effective.

  • No, i don`t think so.

    In fact, campus police officers report that increasing the number of guns on a campus would increase police problems exponentially, especially in ‘active shooter’ situations.” Ninety-five percent of university presidents share his opposition to concealed carrying on campus. If we take a sober assessment—one that will be sorely lacking at college keggers—it is not difficult to imagine the ramifications of widespread gun ownership at colleges. Alcohol abuse, bullying and hazing, high population density, and academic stressors are all predictive of violence—and all are ubiquitous on college campuses.

  • There is a way to prevent this kind of violence

    Experts have isolated various factors associated with mass killings by young men in educational settings. This is fairly common occurrence in the United States but not in the rest of the world, leading some experts to suggest that the culture of the country is contributing to these killings. The factors that put young men at risk are a keen adherence to old-fashioned gender norms which encourage male aggression, a belief that they are outsiders, and that this is hugely undesirable and an ability to get hold of weapons. All of these things could be addressed in schools and in Congress.

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