Can 11-13 year old people enjoy sexual pleasure with another person and desire to experience it again, And should they be allowed to?

Asked by: thanthan
  • Ages is meaningless, And solely depends on the person.

    Your frontal cortex isn't developed "fully" until your 25, Does that mean until you're 25 you are unable to make rational decisions? No. The age of consent is just an idea we fabricated in the last century when we decided to tie it to education. We somehow decided 18 is some magical number that in reality has no meaning when it comes to maturity.

  • Should be advised against, But yes

    This depends on how you look at the question. Should they be "allowed to"? Yes. Should it be encouraged? No, It should be discouraged, But they should be allowed to. An argument I see against this is that teens are EXTREMELY hormonal but I feel like this can be used for both sides. For the no side they say that teens are easy to manipulate, Which is true, But for the yes side, I can say from personal experience, It f*cking sucks to be a teenager without having sex. There would be days where I would spend hours desperately trying to find any way I could lose my virginity and it led me onto some really sketchy websites. I'm surprised someone didn't grab my IP and do some serious damage.

  • It's a scientific fact they physically can. It is also a logical fact they mentally can enjoy any pleasure and desire to experience it again.

    Sex, Not limited to intercourse, Is harmless when engaged in responsibly. The issues is ignorance due to the taboo not that it causes direct harm.

    It is amazing to me that people wanting to enforce their archaic views will blatantly lie to themselves and others concerning the pleasure that sexual activity brings or that a person between 11-18 cannot consent to experiencing that pleasure.

    It is also amazing to me that those same people have no problem allowing their children at 13 years or younger to enjoy the pleasures of eating foods in a habit forming lifestyle that has lead to an increase of obesity. Obesity which is the second leading cause of preventable death and 300 times more deadly than drugs, Alcohol, Car accidents, Etc.

    Why is this? It is because, In most situations, No one in their right mind would think to question if a child could consent to something they enjoy. Excluding obvious extremes such as entering into a complex business agreements or swimming with sharks, It is only when it comes to basic sexual experiences does this come up.

    The question is not: Does a child have the ability to consent to actual rape or physical abuse, But whether or not a child can experience pleasure from sex and desire to engage in it further. The scientific fact is they can, They do, And they report it often.

    What maturity level is required to enjoy recreational pleasure from sexual activity? Does a 11-13 year old who discovers masturbation for the first time need to understand the complexities of life and human biology to get off from the activity and want to do it again?

    No particular maturity level is required for an 18 year old to enjoy recreational sexual pleasure. Nor is any particular maturity level required for an 11-13 year old to enjoy sexual pleasure.

    How do we protect them from physical abuse? The same as we protect them from sports injuries, Human trafficking or other dangers. Pads, Helmets, Parental involvement, Safety guidelines, Open and positive communication, Etc. Whether or not they are legally allowed to enjoy sex, These dangers will still exist and will not be lessened by denying them sexual pleasure.

    However, Because a 11-17 year old might fall and crack their head open, Will you not allow them to ice skate? Some might not allow it, But should the law force all parents to deny their child a chance at competitive sports because their is a serious risk for harm?

    Yet, Even though we understand this when we allow children to compete in dangerous sports. We freak out when an 11-13 year old wants experience pleasure even by as little as giving or receive oral sex, Or sticking a finger in their crotch? Suddenly activities so very unlikely to result in any kind of serious injury, Especially compared to the most dangerous activates children are allowed to engage in already, Some how this Is the greatest evil imaginable?

    Surely not!

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  • Child predator among us.

    By your logic you can give alcohol to children and encourage them to drink. They are still too young to understand and they are not ready for it at all.
    And you seem like a weirdo who would want to work with children and be alone with them to prey on them.
    I hope that you are just an awkward teen just trying to be edgy because if you are not I hope a parent find you at night.

  • No, As there can be many issues involved in early intercourse.

    Though you can enjoy physical pleasure at the age of around 11-13, That does not mean sexual intercourse is something that a child is mentally or physically prepared for. Sexual interaction, Even with protection, Can result in pregnancy. Having a child at such a young would risk the livelihood of the child and the baby as the female organs are not at the size and full maturity that it should be at. Even if there are no complications in giving birth at that age, The child would still have more issues. Raising a baby is hard, And it needs someone responsible and capable to raise it. If you were not to give it up for adoption, The baby would take up time from the child, Which affects their education. The only reason anyone would approve intercourse at such a young age would be to either raise the population of humanity or because they themselves want to have intercourse with someone of that age. There should be no good reason in the year 2020 to allow this to come true.

  • No, Simply because they can't consent to the activity yet.

    The age of consent is 16-18 years old in most places for a reason. Sure, Children may have a basic understanding of sexual intercourse from "the talk" or sex ed in school, But even then, Children lack the maturity to understand the ramifications of sexual contact, And lowering the AoC to 11-13 would cause a sharp skyrocket in STDs and teen pregnancies, Thus a child should not engage in sexual behavior. Even with another minor, There runs the risk of STDs and teen pregnancies - as mentioned before. An 11-13 year old child should ABSOLUTELY not engage in sexual contact with an adult, As they can be easily manipulated and groomed into conforming to whatever sick desires an offender wishes to partake in. A kid that age masturbating is fine as it's a healthy way to discover your sexuality, But they should wait until they're 18 to partake in sexual intercourse with another person.

  • Pedophile much, Huh?

    Dude I’m a fifteen year old and if you had even a body count of more than three in seventh grade you were a slut on my standards. Man this world is dangerous. If we promote this, We won’t have stronger kids. We will have diminished, Sex addicted kids, Who will grow up thinking that it was normal to be boinked in middle school.

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Pisx7 says2020-10-02T20:57:00.597
They probably can experience sexual pleasure but I wouldn't say that equates to consent. After all, Parents barely provide children any liberties to make significant decisions for themselves at that age, So that would also apply to intercourse. I don't really care to much about this subject though, So no concrete opinions from me.

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