Can a bipartisan immigration reform bill pass in Congress?

  • Yes It Can

    After the last election, the Republicans are very aware of how their reputation is slipping with immigrants and the Latino communities. They should try very hard to seem reasonable when it comes to these issues. The Democrats should finally be able to work with the conservatives to come up with a good immigration reform bill that will pass in Congress.

  • I think it can pass

    The bipartisan immigration bill in judiciary committee is already pass by 13-5 in senate. When it will come to senate floor it will pass too. Because the senate is led by the Democrats. When it will reach to the house, some rep. Members of the house also support it and it has to gather additional 30 votes to pass in house.

  • Yes it will

    Its time to pass immigration reform otherwise republicans won't make it in the next elections! There are a lot of immigrants in the country and the United States needs to know who they are. This a very serious issue and congress needs to take action by passing immigration reform and giving these people chances.
    Under Gods eyes we are all the same!

  • Yes.

    A bipartisan immigration bill can and most likely will pass Congress. The reason why it will pass is because the Republicans need to court Hispanic Voters. In the past election a large majority of Hispanics voted for Obama, and in order to have any chance in the next election they will have to get some of that vote. The reform bill will give them a chance to show them as more likeable to Hispanic voters.

  • Sure!

    Many people have been trying to pass this. There are way too many immigrants living in this country and I believe that they should have to pay taxes just like we have to. if they want to live here then they should have to pass a test and pay taxes. I believe that this is a very serious issue that needs to be taken care of.

  • Yes it can

    Immigration reform has been a long time coming. With the sheer number of immigrants in the country, it is not an issue that can continue to be ignored or argued in Congress. It needs to be looked at seriously and the parties have come together on similarly difficult decisions in the past, they can certainly do it again.

  • Dems won't compromise

    Dems wont secure the border before granting amnesty. Cost of welfare payments, unemployment benefits, social security, and medicare, for these new residents will be extremely high, and economic benefits will be minimal. Many illegal immigrants lack language skills, and many have no desire to learn English. Overall, these immigrants pose an undue burden on the native citizens of this country.

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