Can a boy at age 15 live alone in another country?

Asked by: yasoof223
  • What is with you people some of them know what the world is like outside yet

    They still want to be out learning about how we all have to face out there and learn from those mistakes to make it a thing of the past like forgotten history. So as one who wants to do that my shelf I will say this let us learn from your mistakes and not make those mistakes in our life or in the future. Yes I am 15 so you know and a male so this is want I think or my own opinion so let us learn with you and on are own.

  • If he could survive, that is

    Some people are born street smart and know enough to survive in the real world. If this 15 year old boy or girl is very knowledgeable and know a lot of essential skills required to survive in the city, such as how to set up his/her business, they could live in the city no problem without getting kidnapped. There are also laws to help ensure the safety of the boy or girl, and most countries are safe and are suitable for the 15 year old to live on his/her own.

  • He should not.

    A 15 year old boy is still a child. His brain has not quit growing and, even the most mature 15 year olds are still quite immature. It is not okay to allow a 15 year old to live alone in another country without some type of major support system nearby. To do so is cruel.

  • 15 years old boy can get carried way in another country

    I don't think that 15 year old can live in another country alone. Another state or a city in same countries is different story. In a another country they have to consider so many other thing like, language, the environment, the currency etc. At age 15 kids don't seem to carea bout or even know about challenges like these they would face in another country

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