Can a child be properly raised without the influence of both a mother and a father?

  • Parents are too stupid to raise kids

    In most cases parents are too immoral and stupid to be allowed to raise kids. Kids should not be raised by immoral people but they are regularly raised thus. They grow up to be anti social degenerates like their parents. They become selfish, vile, depraved, ignorant and useless. I don't know who should raise kids but it shouldn't be parents.

  • It depends on how you define 'raised properly'

    I think the only reason why people would argue that children need both a man and woman is because they are heavily heteronormative.

    I don't think that the ability to provide a good home for a child is based on gender. Men and women are both capable of providing homes that are nurturing and healthy.
    I also think that men and women are equally capable of teaching their children lessons in character.
    Only people who are extremely heteronormative, would argue that men or women have not been "raised properly" if they do not act according to their gender roles. If someone does not act according to their gender role, but they are happy, successful, moral, and healthy, then what is the problem?

  • Yes, it can.

    The child can be raised just fine without an influence of both mother and father. The child just needs people who are willing to teach them and raise them, does not matter if both parents are involved as long as the people doing the raising give the child their best.

  • Yes, they absolutely can.

    Yes, I think that a child can be properly raised without the influence of both a mother and a father. I think that people are people and it shouldn't matter who raises a child, so long as they love and care for that child. With that love and support, the child will likely grow up with just as much potential as any other child.

  • Yes, because there are no such things as gender roles.

    Yes, a child can be properly raised without the influence of both a mother and father figure. This is a very outdated way of thinking, when gender roles were very defined as to what a mother (or woman) was and what a father (or man) was. Nowadays, we should be striving to become more equal, and as long as there is a positive parental influence in a child's life, who cares if it's a "mother" figure or "father" figure? Both are equally capable of raising children well.

  • No, but this is a tough question.

    As much as I don't like to say it, I do believe that it is pretty hard to properly raise a child without both a mother and a father. Fathers are generally there to provide discipline to children. In the African-American communities, there generally is a lot of crime and I believe that can be linked to the absence of most fathers.

  • No not actually

    No balance. Rewind time and find balance. While I see the numbers and the enthusiasm( most of you no doubt single parents or raised by single parents). The truth is I can look into the eyes of a child and a child with both parents has a different kind of confidence and self esteem. Look around you today's society is an exact result of the broken family structure generations in and still going full steam ahead. Can they be a respectable person yes, successful yes, married yes. But after all this guess what that missing parent still affects the adult.

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