Can a child's behavior be negatively influenced by computer games?

  • Monkey see monkey do

    Let's say A kid played Grand Theft Auto and they decided they wanna try and do what they did, THere is no doubt i my mind it won't happen. A seven year old boy shot his father in the leg when police questioned the boy he said it was because he had seen it gta. Therefore yes it does influence behavior

  • A child's behavior be negatively influenced by computer games.

    A child's behavior can be severely and detrimentally influenced by computer games. If children become obsessed with computer games, they might spend less time on school work or socializing with friends in the real world. Computer games can lead people to be antisocial and secluded from the rest of society.

  • Computers for Kids: A Big No!

    The child's experiences during his formative years have long term impact on his behavior, values, and cognitive development. I do not need any research to know this because I am teacher with 17 years of classroom experience. I have observed that students who exhibit poor behavior in class, poor reading skills, poor concentration, poor social skills, the least interested in studying are those who have had extended exposure to video gaming and the internet. I should know because I ask my students about their leisure activities. There is nothing wrong about having fun. Engaging in physical activity is much more appropriate and healthy for young kids rather than sitting in front of the computer for extended periods of time. Parents should know as well, because they are parents and they observe it among their kids and the kids of other parents.

  • Can a child's behavior be negatively influenced by stimuli of any nature whatsoever?

    Of course it can. Every time a child, or an adult for that matter, experiences a stimulus, he or she processes it and very often outputs a response to it. Whatever the stimulus' nature, the consideration and response process can result in healthier or less healthy behavior. Computer games can influence a child's behavior. It may give rise to a healthy influence or an unhealthy one. This looks like a loaded question to me.

  • Yes i think

    Yes i think computer games negatively affect a child's behavior.I believe can be hurtful when played frequently and over a long period of time. I also believe that highly violent or sexual games such as those that show gruesome,children are more receptive to what they see and hear.

  • They could

    I am not saying they will, I am saying they could. There was a case where two people were so involved in a video game that they started thinking it was real life, and went to school with guns and killed about 11 people. I am not saying that everyone who plays violent video games will be like that, I am saying it could affect some people.

  • Sure, Anything Can Happen

    Every little thing that happens in our lives likely has some effect on our behavior if you analyzed it in depth enough, conducted controlled studies, etc...

    Of course a computer game could also POSITIVELY effect your child's behavior. And it's not necessarily the case that this will be predictable, nor that a significant effect one way or the other would be common.

  • Yes, I think that a child's behavior suffers from playing too many or certain types of computer games.

    Having worked in classrooms and childcare settings, I have witnessed firsthand the deleterious effects of children playing computer and video games. After too much exposure to these games, children become inattentive in the classroom, develop some physically violent tendencies and sort of begin to live in fantasy worlds. Too much time spent with computer games or inappropriate computer games can send a child in the wrong direction.

    Posted by: StraightRaleigh37
  • Though it may not be the largest factor in a child's behavior, computer games can negatively influence their behavior.

    Though it may not be the largest factor in children's behavior, computer games can negatively influence their behavior. At younger ages, children are more receptive to what they see and hear. Repetition is used to instill values and ideas into their heads. If a computer game is very violent and a child is constantly exposed to it, they may absorb the messages portrayed. Computer games are not the only form of media that can negatively influence behavior, but they certainly can add to it.

    Posted by: PlausibleHerschel43
  • No!

    I do not think that computer games affect kids behaviors because my little brother plays games all the time on the computer and acts positive! And not all the games make children behave bad! Some games are for learning which is good! Parents, if you think computer games are bad, then you should not let your kids play them! It's only when you let your kids mind get ruined by computer games.

  • It is wrong to have fun?

    In modern days, an increasing number of parents are limiting their children to less video games and computer games a day, some even banning their children from both. Reasons for this are that some parents notice that their children’s grades are dropping due to excessive use of their video game consoles, or that their children’s eyesight had been deteriorating because of sitting in front of their computers for too long a time. This leads to the conclusion that video games and computer games are a harmful influence and the parents ban the children from playing video games. However, are video games a harmful influence on school children?
    Video games are not a harmful influence on school children. In fact, they are useful learning experiences as video games are educative, fun and stress-relieving. Video games such as Wii Play and Super Mario Bros trains your reaction time, witty thinking and some math topics like angle of incidence and line of symmetry. Other video games like Halo encourage steady hands and quick reaction time. Video games are also a machine where you can vent your anger or drown your sorrow. It helps to relieve yourself of all your burdens, especially if you achieved a high score for yourself.
    However, many parents view this differently. They find that video games are violent and addictive, and also deteriorate their children’s eyesight. Even though games are violent, it does not mean that it is always the cause for violence in real life. Why not violent television and movie programmes? Why not a father or mother that goes to the casino thrice a week and gets into rows about how to finance the family? Take the case of the Sandy Hook shootings. A statement an anti-video games activist would say: “Adam Lanza played too many violent video games such as Counterstrike, therefore connected Counterstrike with reality and killed his mother, six adults and twenty students at Sandy Hook Elementary School.” False. Adam Lanza already had some mental problems, and even if it was true that he was addicted to computer games, there are only one or two people in the world who did such things due to computer games. Then what about deteriorating eyesight? If children also learnt tips like resting their eyes for several minutes before continuing with their game, or maintaining a healthy distance from the eyes to the computer screen, such a problem would not have even been mentioned.

  • No.

    If a person is easily influenced by a video game to a harmful extent, then there was something wrong in the first place and it could have been triggered in many other ways. If a video game influences to that extent, then what about movies. You can't force a person to watch my little pony and barbie for the rest of their lives, they are going to eventually watch something more violent or be exposed to the cruelty of some of the world. It's the same with video games.

  • No, video games don't influence a child's behavior too negatively.

    OK. I'm a teen and have played video games for years. All of my siblings do as well. I worry about them seeing me play semi-violent video games, (I tend not to play a lot of bloody, violent games. I play more fantasy with swords and lack of blood.) because I'm afraid it will affect them in the future, but I know something: That they know and understand that it is all fake. I also believe that it depends on how lenient the parents are. I was raised in a Mormon family, and I know that really violent games are bad, (See Call of Duty, Halo, etc.) so I don't play them. But that is why video games have ratings decided by the ESRB; the PARENTS need to look at these and see why they are rated. (They can be either K-A [kids to adults], E for Everyone, E10+ [Everyone 10 and up], T for Teen, M for mature [which can only be purchased by people 17 years or older], and AO for Adults Only.
    Conclusion: VG can only affect young children if they are constantly playing these violent games for extended periods of time. The parents need to monitor what they buy and set limits.

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