• Yes they can.

    Communists states could become successful. It may not start of as a wealthy or benefit like way right away but it would eventually work out for the state. It will require some work and offer and it will take time to get everyone to work together and get everything moving as one.

  • If citizens no longer desire status and material objects, communism can be successful.

    A communist state can be successful. The people of the nation simply need to have enough food, shelter, and services to satisfy their basic needs. The people must also resist any desire to have more status than another human being. The desire for "things" and "status" is what historically ruins communist states.

  • Communism Prohibits Individualism

    Communism can be a success for a country's efficiency, but not the individual. Without individual goals and aspirations to be realized, a country can never grow and progress as a nation. If corruption occurs up top in a communist state, the masses are powerless to fight back and use their freedom of expression for change.

  • People are too greedy

    While the idea behind a communist state may be noble (a society in which everyone works for the good of all), unfortunately, human nature and greed will defeat the purpose of the society every time. Those in power tend to try to cling to that power through whatever means necessary; all one needs to do to confirm this is look at every communist state ever attempted through history.

  • It is inherently inefficient.

    No, a communist state cannot ever be successful, because there is no way that the leaders can have perfect information. No one person can know everything about society and where each person fits the most efficiently with their gifts. Also, communism has little to no room for innovation or hard work. Communist countries always end up poor.

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