• Yes it can.

    We currently have the technology to produce computerized drones and we should do what we can to make it more common. Endangering lives of soldiers is not the way to go when you know you can avoid it. Let destruction happen to property while the lives of our soldiers are safe.

  • Yes in some situations.

    In situations where a target has been identified and is in a particular location such as a building a computerized drone is a better weapon to use than a human. It removes the risk to a human pilot and provides a high degree of accuracy when attacking a stable target. In some cases it could be used on a moving target such as a convoy.

  • Yes, adequately enough for their value.

    Computerized drones eliminate the need for a human pilot to risk his life and that reason alone is enough to prefer them. Perhaps a computerized drone cannot make split second decisions in the way a human can, but those human decisions can be equally fallible. It is better for a drone to miss its mark or crash than to lose a human life under the same circumstances.

  • To Much Risk

    Anything automated is just following a set of algorithms. It allows it to make decisions in thousands of inputted situations. But when something unexpected happens, which algorithm will they fall upon by default; perhaps putting the entire mission in jeopardy.

    Computer security is something that is constantly evolving, and nobody can say anything can and always will be secure. What happens when vulnerabilities are found in the software running these drones? What happens when someone can jam the communications or make the drone reset mid mission, when people are relying on these things.

    Drones are great at minimizing risks, and in a common situation, they are highly accurate machines. Take them out of there comfort zone, or attack them in a less conventional way and drones could become a liability.

    Posted by: tuX
  • No, it can't.

    Up until now, there has not been any solid proof that a drone can make split second decisions. There is a time lapse involved, and sometimes it is a way too long of a lapse. This has been one of the issues that drones have had from the beginning. If they are targeted, they need to be put into an automation mode, or use a smart laser guided bomb to be effective. I don't think they will ever be able to replace a human.

  • Instincts from being in battle can't be felt controlling it at basd.

    When you're flying in a heated dog fight between a pilot and a drone, the pilot will win everytime. A man or woman with instincts can't be compared to a "pilot" controlling a drone. Unless computers can evolve to the point where it makes conscious emotionally based decisions. They can never replace human pilots.

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