• Hell yes she can

    I think that as long as they are wearing them for them, Not for anyone else they can wear whatever they want.

    Wearing heels does not make me any less a feminist, I think they make me feel good in my skin and it is my right to choose what I wear.

  • Why is this even a question?

    Some people are just so stupid. Feminists want EQUALITY between men and women. Regardless, ANYONE can wear WHATEVER they want. There should be no rules for what feminists can and can't wear. Whoever asked this was either really bored or clearly does not understand the world around them lol bye

  • Heels were made for men.

    Heels were originally made for soldiers to help keep them their horses during battle. What's more feminist than wearing men's clothing? Just kidding. For me, wearing high heels makes me feel like a soldier. I think feminists can wear and do whatever they want. I think that's kind of the point.

  • Yes of course.

    If they don't they basically just threw out a right they had. High heels were originally made for horse back riding which explains why they are so hard to walk in. Woman wanted to be equal to men so they started wearing high heels. I see no reason why they shouldn't be allowed.

  • Why wouldn't she be able to?

    This makes absolutely no sense. If a woman wants to wear high heels, let her wear high heels. It shouldn't matter what her beliefs are. It's like saying "Can a athiest wear jeans?" there is no reason that they shouldn't be able to. It's how they want to show themselves off and they should be allowed to do so whether they're a feminist or not.

  • It's not about a dress code.

    Being a feminist isn't about the clothes or the shoes you wear, it's about the attitude you have and beliefs you possess. One of those beliefs, by the way, is that shaming women for what they choose to wear is inappropriate. Only a misogynist could ask such a question, I'm certain.

  • Of Course

    Feminism is all about promoting equal choices and equal power in society. Feminists support women and men who make their own choices, whether those choices are about family planning, career goals, or about what they want to wear. We should support everyone's decisions to be able to wear what they want.

  • Yes, feminists support EQUAL rights not women superiority

    A feminist is one who supports women's rights such that a woman has equal rights to a man. Adhering to this idea, it is agreeable that a feminist can wear whatever he or she wants because she has the rights of both men and women. Likewise, a feminist would agree that a man can wear high heels as well because, as I said before, a feminist supports equal rights of men and women.

  • Yes, but can a feminist wear a bra?

    This question assumes that feminists are narrowly defined and controlled by outside expectations of how they should behave. Belonging to the feminist movement is not at all like being a Grateful Dead fan in which you sort of need to wear a tie-died t-shirt. All of that is just the opposite of the feminist movement which encourages women to express themselves and essentially form their own definitions of who they are as women.

  • If she wants to, of course!

    Being a feminist doesn't mean not wearing certain clothing. That's just silly. The feminist movement was, and still is, about giving women as many options as possible. If you want to wear heels, wear them! If you hate them, leave them behind. Saying a feminist can't wear heels makes no sense. It's not what's on your feet that makes you who you are!

  • Hi Heels are sexy to MEN because they make a Woman Vulnerable

    I just can't believe how so many women believe that wearing high heels are actually supporting feminism when the whole purpose is to look SEXY for a MAN!

    What a man finds attractive about a woman is how delicate, vulnerable, unable to run away from him, etc.

    However, most women would say that high heels make their legs look long. But really, what does that really mean when your legs look long but you can't run from danger?! How ironic and hypocritical.

    Anyway, it doesn't matter. Feminism is lost among us in this day and age. Women feel that it's about choice rather than about being equal.

    So, if the majority of women choose not to be equal to a man, it Feminism! Wow! How crazy is that!

  • I've heard feminists

    Ranting over the years about how some of there "sisters " dress and a particular grievance was high heels ! Now herein lies the problem if a man says it to a feminist that the wearing of high heels are against the feminist " manifesto" he is of course male chauvinist pig... So what to do personally I think all fun it's are cute .

  • "Can" is not the same as "should"

    Technically speaking a hardcore feminist can wear eight inch platforms to a debate over feminism. No question about that. But when you stop to think about the meaning of high heels, you can't help noticing that high heels are the surest way to demean yourself. They have been created for the pleasure of men, and this is not a feminist rant, it's a fact of male behavior. I do hear some women think of heels as an empowerment symbol, and I respect that opinion but don't share it. A slave can claim that wearing her master's prison uniform is a power symbol but that does not make much sense to me. In summary, yes every woman has the right to wear what she wants, but other women -like me- have the right to see some outfits as openly demeaning.

  • No never no

    Heels are torture devices as anyone who has worn them knows and can attest too. To say that women can be male decoration and still wish to dismantle the patriarchal idea that women are objects is wrong! To suggest, like some women do, that it is for themselves is a joke at beSt and anyone can see this when you start to interrogate why women feel good in heels.

  • High heels is painful and limiting

    High heels look nice, but almost never are comfortable to walk more than a mile before the pain hits. Why would you want to limit yourself ? If you need to run a case of an emergency can you run more than a mile in high heels? Why bear the pain in silence just to look good?

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