• You are not under mind control.

    You can control your own actions, you can control your own thoughts. Therefore, you can choose who and what you are attracted to. You are not some helpless victim of urges beyond your control, you're a human being, with free will and a mind of your own. Stop hiding behind the "Was born this way," and "I can't help it" arguments. These are just excuses, because you're afraid to take responsibility. There's nothing wrong with being gay, but you should be able to admit that you can choose. Nobody really wants to face consequences, wether their actions are good, bad, or indifferent, but self control and honesty are important to being a genuine person.

  • Believe in God and let him be your guide to change

    Like most said people didn't born gay so read the Holy Bible and TRUST in GOD and let him guide your way and help you to change. You can't change if you don't BELIEVE in GOD. I was Gay and after reading the Bible and Trust in mighty LORD Jesus I decided to stop being gay and live a normal life. And now i willing to get married.

  • This is not my opinion.

    Just like a liar can start to stop lying. And a murderer can stop killing people. A homosexual can stop having homosexual feelings, behaviors etc.

    In case people say being born with a skin colour also isn't a choice just like being gay. You can hide from your family that you are gay but yo

  • I was gay

    I was gay and now am not, I am a christian and want support and have stopped all bad habits that involve being gay. I am living evidence that you can stop being gay though it takes a lot of effort to do so, it is a hard habit to stop though it is still possible. :)

  • Pray to God and will help you to change

    Well, despite to popular belief you can change. But the ONLY way to be delivered from Homosexuality is though Jesus Christ. Other than it will be pretty close to impossible. Because the urge to be gay is so strong.

    Pray to God, ask Jesus to come into to your life and change you.

    Not just Homosexuality but there are most likely others sins in your life too.

    Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortionists shall inherit the kingdom of God
    1 Corinthians 6:9

    For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.
    Romans 1:26-27

  • Feeling attraction to the same sex for a big part of your life doesnt mean you cant change.

    Although you cant control your feelings you CAN control your actions so yes you can stop making gay sex or ''socially determined gay behaviour''.
    I did feel attraction for girls before but then started liking guys (im planing staying virgin). Why it cant be the opposite? Someone who liked guys before could start liking girls afterwards.
    Unfortunately people have a misconception about their own sexuality as showned in the movie , Prayers for Bobby, and a lot more. Not only movie but reality itself, people are all messed up and know nothing about themselves. People believe they should be guided by their sexual feelings and thats why everything is messed up, think with your brain not your emotions coz your sexuality is determined trough your emotions towards the same sex. If you really want to control you urge use your brain not your emotions.

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  • Yes it can

    Sure, there are always "ifs and buts" but in the bottom line i believe that we are hardwired in the terms of our emotions, for the opposite sex, it is the instinct we are talking about...
    Therefore the only thing questionable is what turns us on. I am not religious but i see what christians meant when they said that mastrubation is bad..
    In some cases an insecure person who starts to mastrubate early tends to oftenly "experiment" with fantasies of men like myself which in the end can cause you problems in your further sex life obstructing your emotions..
    As far as i am concerned i had the opportunity to met a lot of gay people, some of them intimatley, and concluded that most of them like myself at that time were craving for sex only..
    As far as homosexual emotions concerned, i believe that those are result of sexual attractions and tend to develop later, unlike instinctive emotions which are part of us since birth..
    There is a big difference betwen those two.. Untill i fell in love with a woman, my homosexual emotions were not as nearly as fullfilling as the emotions i have for her (we are still together).
    Also from my experience, other gay people had
    the same problem having only minor feelings but hudge sexual apetite.. And it is hard to wrestle out of it.. I would even dare to compare it to addiction..
    The arguments are here..
    As for the propaganda concerned.. The Lgbt community needs a justification to avoid discrimination... And medias see this as an opportunity to portray an illusion of democracy, not mentiom their tendencies to sexulalise society.
    Thats why we hear that gay is defined by birth.. Which would be like saying: "I was born without teeth and it cant be changed"

  • 100% possible-Just need will power

    If you have will and courage to say NO you can stop being GAY. IT is simply un natural that can make you lonely and sick. For GOd sake decide now to say NO. Just give yourself one day target to stop thinking about Gay stuff. Don't watch porn, say NO to GAY friends. From one day move to one week, than one month targets. You'll feel sense of achievements this way.
    Watch your thoughts and you'll be fine.

  • Yes you can change it

    Being gay is no different then being a alcoholic a racist or a drug addict its a choice and people who say its not and believe that they where born that way need to stop from day one we have a choice to be or not to be. Its no different than being a drunk or alcoholic they have a choice and if they choose too be gay them they can surely decide not to be gay its up them but they are not born that way and if we accept them as being born that way then y not accept everything else i mean if you can choose to drink and smoke then you can choose to be gay or not to be gay.To be honest your not born with a label on you so why say gay is not a choice.

  • I spent a long time hating myself for being gay.

    Coming out, like it is with all lgbt people, was very hard. I did not want to deal with the unwanted feelings I experienced towards the same gender. I then realized that i had to accept those feelings to live a real and satisfying life. I now accept myself however, if I had the choice to change to being straight I would, being straight is so much easier than being gay. So to you ignorant fucks who think its a choice, that is really insulting. I almost committed suicide because of how overwhelming these feelings were to me. Why don't you ask yourselves, why would someone choose to be treated as a second class citizen?

  • I tried for a long time to try and hide the fact that I am gay.

    Coming out, like it is with all lgbt people, was very hard. I did not want to deal with the unwanted feelings I experienced towards the same gender. I then realized that i had to accept those feelings to live a real and satisfying life. I now accept myself however, if I had the choice to change to being straight I would, being straight is so much easier than being gay. So to you ignorant fucks who think its a choice, that is really insulting. I almost committed suicide because of how overwhelming these feelings were to me. Why don't you ask yourselves, why would someone choose to be treated as a second class citizen?

  • I think I disagree

    Nobody is born gay the only choices made for us is our sex n the family we are born into even that can be changed. My point is being gay is a choice sme our gay cuz they were sexually abused by the same sex when they were younger others cuz they want to rebel against conventional norms n sme jst for the heck of it but no one is born gay. Saying someone was born gay is one of the greatest lies ever told n yes u can stp being gay but not by yrself yu"ll hve to pray against it.

  • No way no how

    Can a straight person wake up one day and say 'oh I think I'm going to be gay now, people will hate me but I want to do that. I want to hid who I am from the world and love people I am not interested in a romantic kind of way.' No because no one wants to be hiding away or different but that doesn't change the facts that some people are. To walk around holding a sign saying stuff that you haven't tried to change hard enough is like a sick cruel joke. A lot people don't want to be gay, many of them have 'I wish I was straight and normal moment' but the fact is you can't change that. But you can change how people see the world help them learn from your point of view. So no you can't wake up and just not be gay.

  • No! A person cannot decide to stop or be gay!

    People don't choose who to feel attracted to. A woman can feel attracted to a woman and its not because she chooses to! It just happens and then you realize who you really are whether you are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or if you're still Questioning.
    And also you can't just decide to feel atracted to the same sex from one day to another, some girls and guys too but specially girls say that not wanting to give oral sex makes you fake gay, that's just stupid! Some other girls say they're gay because they have given oral or had sex before...Sex means nothing what really says that yyou're gay is if you are able to catch feelings for the same sex, not if you think about or actually do have sex.
    Just wanted to include that.

    Just how I didn't decide to like girls at the age of fourteen. I'm a girl, 15 in a month, I know I like girls but still questioning about whether I like guys or not which is just fine.

  • Think about it from a straights point of view

    If you're straight, try to change it. That's how it is with gay people. No further argument needed I just need more words so yeah. Hippopatmonostrosia. Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious. I mean being straight is cool and so is being anywhere on the lbgt+ spectrum. It's your identity and you can't just change that.

  • Come on people!

    I am going to ask some questions:
    Are you physically attracted to the opposite sex?
    Are you physically attracted to the same sex?
    You probably answered yes to one of them and no to the other one.
    Now, do you think you could change it just by really wanting to?
    Change the way your body works when you see men or women?
    If you wanted to you could just become gay any time?
    And why would you want to do that, considering how frowned upon gay people are?
    And why wouldn't all gay people stop being gay?

    And this believe in God thing?
    You know, I respect religion but this... Is total bullshit.
    My father says the same thing, but he also says, that the Earth is flat and the terrorist attacks in France didn't happen.

  • It's not a choice

    For me I have no attraction to the opposite sex. It wasn't something I decided to do or one day wanted to do. I just remember when I started puberty I starting being attracted to guys instead of girls. I tried dating girls but it wasn't something I was comfortable with.

  • This is not possible, because if being gay was a choice, no one would choose it

    Since gay people are persecuted against, it makes no sense why they would want to be gay in the first place if they could choose. What with limited rights, massive homophobia, and the fear of friends and family abandoning them because they seem different, the argument for change is blown away because if people who are gay could choose to change, they would never choose to be gay in the first place. What gender you like is not a personal choice. It's something that is genetically part of you from birth. There might be cases where people mistakenly think that they're gay when they're not (ex. Wanting to be different, rebelling against parents, etc.) and they might believe that this change is possible, however, since they were never truly homosexual in the first place, this is proven false.

  • This is so not true.

    The things stated here are very untrue. Even though you may not be born gay it is still a part of you. You may not have even been gay, but thirsty for some messed up kinky fantasy. Any true gay man or lady could tell you that this isn't a choice. It's like if you like chocolate, or vanilla ice cream. You can't change the fact that you like chocolate more than vanilla or vise versa. It's part of everyone and that's something that can't be changed. Secondly, the talk about gays being lusty and all about getting in bed isn't true. Sure some gays are like that, but there is three times as many straight people that are slutty. It is not a possibility to change the person you are and if you say it is then your lying. You should be ashamed for speaking like this.

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