Can a lot of money actually make a person unhappy?

  • Yes it is

    Yes so many people are unhappy because they have no meaning to their life. They have no real friends or family to support them. This is exactly why people with too much money are not at all happy. But this is just what I think. Too much money isn't good.

  • Money can kill

    If you have to much money than you can have whatever you want. Right? Well if you get whatever you want you will want more. Soon even having whatever you want would be not enough. You soon become obsessed with it and trying to spend it. But you can't because you have what you want and more. You won't have enough "stuff" so they think of only themselves. When they do that they think that they aren't able to do anything else because they already have what they desire. They then can't find any meaning to their life and then end up
    committing suicide

  • It was easy to enjoy life

    With less money we truly saw the world on pennies but now that we have money we cannot see the world with dollars as work is eating away and accumulation is boring and there is no time off and youth is disappearing... Sorry to sound depressing but it is true in our early to late 20s we enjoyed everything and now in our early 30s we are lost as we have money and cannot enjoy as we once did!

  • Yes it can.

    It really depends on the person, but money can make someone unhappy. A person who is not equipped to deal with the problems money can bring may be very unhappy. It can make you unhappy because your friends may only be your friends because you have money. You also may be overwhelmed with all the stuff money can buy.

  • Money Can Make You Unhappy

    Without a doubt, a lack of money can cause unhappiness. The exact opposite is true, too. A person with a lot of money isn't necessarily happy. Money can help buy happiness, but it doesn't guarantee such emotions for a given person. Therefore, money can lead to unhappiness in many cases.

  • Depends on the cicrumstances

    If someone is very wealthy, but alone, I think it could actually make them more unhappy. They may wonder, "I have all of this money, and yet still not in love". Also, a person who is rich may also tend to feel more paranoid, like everyone is now out to get them.

  • Money doesn't always buy happiness.

    When people have copious amounts of money, they become distant and aloof. People want to be around people with a lot of money, but they are only there for superficial reasons. That usually makes people that have all the money very depressed, because the ony friends that they have are there only for their money.

  • Yes, it is plausabile.

    Having too much money can result in a person being unhappy. Maybe they do not feel a drive to do anything anymore knowing they can afford it with little work. It is also possible that due to how hard they worked for that money their relatives and friends do not want to deal with them anymore.

  • Money is very bad

    Because money makes people unhappy because people in the world ser to much in depending of money so we get very unhappy when you dont have anything to work or fight for. Basicly money is not bad but money is not the way of happiness is is the way of unhappines-

  • Yes, a lot of money can make a person unhappy.

    I believe that a lot of money can actually make a person unhappy. The problem is that a wealthy person starts buying expensive homes, cars, vacations, and has to keep having nice things because they are use to that higher standard of living. A person gets caught up in material possessions and misses out on true happiness.

  • No, I do not think a lot of money can actually make a person unhappy

    The more money a person has the easier it is for them to achieve happiness in their life. Those living in poverty or the working class must work hard and long to survive and that takes a toll on their well-being and their families well-being. A lot of money gives a person more freedom to do what they want and to raise a happy family that they know will have a better chance of succeeding.

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