Can a man be raped by another man during his sleep

  • Yes men can get raped

    Yes they can get raped, I have been raped before by my best friend who is a guy. So we were army crawling around in my room home alone, So then i'm in front of him and pulls down my pants and underwear and starts giving me oral then he pushes me to the ground as he is pushing on my chest he is stroking my hard penis, He cums all over my face then after him stroking my penis for so long I cum then he shoves his penis in my butt and he cums inside me while I cum as well as moaning, Because it felt good and he is stronger than me so after jerking me off he does something worse but something that felt good, He had cumed on me again but this time I lick it off and it turned to gay sex. I am gay but that was rape. So if he did it with my consent I wouldn't be writing this. Bottom line a man can be raped. He left horny.

  • Yes a man can get raped!

    Yes, Cause I have been raped. My friend slept over then he just tackled me, Took of my clothes and just started kissing me on the lips but by force, He then started sucking my penis because if I am strip naked and my friend is there also strip naked, I'm gonna get hard, So after sucking my penis he was hard and forced me to suck his penis, Then he shoved his penis in butt yes it felt good but it was still rape and I now have been getting raped by him ever time he slept over.

  • Yes men can get raped

    Because people may be drunk or just feel that raping another man is right because there gay. Even though I think its wrong to rape or be raped, I don't think that being gay is a bad thing even though i'm straight with a girlfriend whom I love, Men or women shouldn't be raped whether it be oral, Anal or mouth it's wrong so don't rape, If you think it's sex, Gay sex or lesbian sex, Because it's not sex if the other person doesn't get to decide whether he or she should be sexually penetrated by the opposite or same sex. So I think that people, Men or women can be raped.

  • Men can be raped

    I know because I have been penetrated many times by my girlfriends dad when I was a teenager he would spank my bare bottom then bend me over and push his penis in my bottom it didn't hurt but I never told anyone because they would not have believed me this went on for three years

  • Rape is possible between two men

    Rape means having sexual intercourse with someone without their consent. If one man penetrates ( mouth or anus ) another man during his sleep (which is an indicator of his lack of consent ) then it absolutely can be defined as rape.

    Rape can be between any two or more people, whatever their gender.

  • Does this really need to be asked?

    I think this question could be satirically rephrased as, "If someone conducts a sexual act with another person without their consent, is it rape?" The obvious answer here is yes, non-consensual sexual activity is rape regardless of the sexual preference of either person.

    PS: I hope there's a debate somewhere about the word limit because it's a very inefficient form of spam reduction.

  • According to the FBI, yes.

    The FBI defines rape as: "Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim." This would mean that the rapist man could use his penis to penetrate the raped man through his anus or mouth.

  • No! Definitely not.

    Firstly, I consider homosexuality to be wrong. Secondly, however you put it, rape is still rape. It's without consent. It's wrong and it's a crime worth punishing for. There is nothing okay about this. It's in his sleep. The guy isn't even remotely aware of this. This is obviously wrong.

  • What the heck...

    First of all, WHY IS THERE THIS QUESTION!?!?!?
    Now that that's out of the way, no, rape should not be allowed between men. First of all, it's rape. Sexual intercourse without one or more party's consent. This is illegal and wrong in most cultures today. The ones where it's not... I never want to go there.
    Do I really need to say more than this?

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