• We can't perceive it

    I believe that such a think may exist. It exists in computer graphics, but does it in the real world? There's no way that I know of to tell,since we can't perceive it. I've thought this through, and came to the conclusion that each set of dimensions can not perceive the others, except for my theoretical spiritual dimension, which can perceive and interact with the 3d world. This would probably mean that you have at least two different levels of consciousness; you've got that of the 3d world, but then you've got another consciousness which includes all four dimensions, meaning that it is a more complete consciousness. You're soul would exist in this fourth dimension, but not be isolated; it is as much a part of you're being as you're 3 dimensions. The only difference is that it's a one-way inter dimensional consciousness. This idea is still under heavy thought.

  • It all depends on you

    In nano-chemistry and physics you learn about one dimensional carbon nanotubes, but this is in the sense of nano scale. So yes one dimensional objects exist, what may freak your mind even more is that buckminsterfullerene is considered a zero dimensional object. Take it a step further both one dimensional and zero dimensional carbon forms can be created from two dimensional graphene.

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