Can a person be a user of marijuana, shrooms, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, barbiturates, ketamine, steroids, benzodiazepines, amphetamines and opiates while maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle?

Asked by: krantz
Can a person be a user of marijuana, shrooms, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, barbiturates, ketamine, steroids, benzodiazepines, amphetamines and opiates while maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle?
  • Sure they can.

    We should legalize all drugs and require certification licenses for purchasing. Someone that does small amounts of these substances once in a while can still maintain healthy lifestyles. Many people currently become addicted to one particular drug at time. This is a result of how hard these drugs are to get. If someone only knows a guy that can get them coke, they will end up doing coke all the time. Let's say all of these drugs were able to be purchased legally with a proper license. Having the license means that the person would be educated on the effects of the drugs, what the dangerous levels are, what parts of their brain they affect and how severe tolerances evolve. This person then may choose to do one particular type of drug one day of the week. They could be getting messed up on a different drug everyday and successfully avoid developing a dangerous addiction to a particular type.

  • SOME Might be Used While Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

    This was a tough one for me; however, the issue is interesting. I personally know multiple people that are much more successful than me that use marijuana on a daily basis. Many would consider them "healthier" than me as well. On the other hand, I have watched LSD and cocaine completely destroy the lives of other friends that should have been more successful than me. I don't think one can compare marijuana to COCAINE. They are completely different substances.

  • Not enough information

    I need to know what else the person is doing in their life, their specific skills set and abilities and potential for improvement, everything basically. Each individual is different. I think a person doing all of these regularly wouldn't be able to live an overall healthy lifestyle just because it would eat up all their time doing drugs but if they were doing most of these things very rarely they could be overall healthy. And I challenge anyone to empirically prove this impossible, not unlikely, but literally prove it impossible.
    I contend that because human beings are fallible in their judgments that we should legalize all drugs because even if I personally hear about or even experience a drug and think that one couldn't possible maintain a healthy lifestyle and use it I am just a fallible human being who could be wrong and then I'd be supporting the use of force against somebody just because I don't understand their personal lifestyle.

  • There is a lot of misinformation about drugs out there.

    A lot of the reason people think drugs are so terrible is because of the fearmongering information that's thrown at people. Drugs are not as terrible as people think they are. Taking or not taking drugs is a personal choice, and most of them are not as dangerous as some people believe. There's no reason that some people can't use them in moderation. That said, some drugs are absolutely more dangerous than others.

  • They are unhealthy.

    People who use these drugs cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle because these drugs are not conducive to healthy living. They each of negative side effects on the body. Marijuana impairs judgement and causes delayed reactions. Several others are hallucinogenic. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves eating proper meals and exercising daily. Most people who use these drugs do not do this.

  • My addict father and friend had a very unhealthy lifestyle

    I spent my entire childhood trying to get my dad to quit smoking. My father was also a heavy drinker. Because of his addiction, he had pushed his family away, including me. He didn't take care of himself and continued to drink, despite him having Hepatitis C. He had trouble maintaining relationships and became depressed and suicidal. He also became broke because of his bad spending habits brought on by addiction. Later, his addiction would claim his life. I had seen many people's life choices ruined because of drugs. One crack user made unhealthy decision after another and eventually became pregnant with Herpes. An acquaintance of mine, because of his heavy use of drugs made him into a kleptomaniac and had frequent run ins with the law. So no, not a single person who does drugs can have a healthy lifestyle. Not a single person that I have known (which are more than I listed) has ever maintained a healthy lifestyle. Doing drugs affects your choices and none of them are healthy, no matter what substance they use.

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