Can a person support both gay rights and gun rights?

  • Of course they can.

    These are two completely different subjects. Gays don't have to perfectly align with the democratic party, contrary to popular belief. Many gay people are Republicans or Libertarians and are proud gun owners. Their sexuality shouldn't have anything to do with their stance on gun ownership/gun rights. I personally know Gays who are gun owners.

  • Y can't they..?

    Well.. Just because a low % of ppl being killed or doing the killing are openly gay, that doesn't mean they don't own guns...Or can't or shouldn't own guns.
    That's like asking if a bisexual should should be allowed to take science classes. How are sexual orientation and .. Being a science major connected?

  • Why are these two things even paired together??

    I feel like these are two different arguments and have no idea why they would be put together. Gun rights to me is someone having the right to have a gun, and there's technicalities to that situation, and then there's gay rights. Which is a completely different topic. Gay rights to me is the ability to marry the same sex, and of course those branch off as well. Such as LGBT+. And also whether they get the same opportunities as "normal" people would. If you have a beating heart, you've got rights just like everyone else.
    Gun violence in my opinion is because of the person holding the gun. They may be mentally ill, overly emotional or many other things. It was that person's actions. I understand that some people are not "mentally capable" of knowing right from wrong, but there is wrong no matter what. I do have a debate with myself over the people who commit violence without even being mentally right to understand anything. But other than that, there is no reason why someone who has hurt or killed someone needs punishment. It's invading someone else's chance to live with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Gun violence could yes need some new laws to make it safer, but it should not be taken away. It's a very big factor in some people's self defense.

  • Yes, a person can

    Many people support gay rights and gun rights. I think that the reasoning behind this question is that conservatives generally support gun rights and not gay rights, and liberals generally support gay rights and not gun rights. But Libertarians, for example, support both. Libertarians support the repeal of DOMA, support the repeal of DADT, and support marriage equality (although all of those things have already happened). And gay people are more likely to be victims of hate crimes, so they should be allowed to use guns in self-defence.

  • Apples and Oranges

    The 2A doesn't separate the two. Any US Citizen has the same Right to protect themselves and defend this nation.
    30 more words? Hmmm ... I have a good breakfast this morning. Some crispy bacon, some fried rice, cantaloupe, apple juice.
    9 more huh?
    I wish all members a Happy New Years!

  • Yes, you can.

    You can support multiple rights. For the record, I support both. I support all sorts of rights. We are all equal; man or woman, black or white, strait or gay, intellectually superior or intellectually inferior, rich or poor. Therefore, we all have equal rights, and you just can't violate them.

  • I sure do

    I support a law abiding, mentally stable and responsible citizens right to defend their property, family and them selves from burglars, rapists, killers or anyone who wants to do them harm. I also support gay peoples right to marry the person they love. You should not be discriminated against for something you can not control like your sexual orientation. It's not pastor bobs business what Anne and Beth do privately in the bedroom as long as it doesn't negatively impact anyone.

  • Defense against homophobic hate crimes

    Groups such as Pink Pistols advocate both gay rights and the right to bear arms. There are homophobic hate-mongerers in the world who want to kill gay people so it makes sense for gay people to support gun rights. I don't know what the statistics are for gay people supporting gun rights though. If it tends to be against that's probably a blind and probably subconscious "Democrats support X, I support X because of reason Y, Democrats support Y, I haven't thought much about Y but since I like Democrats on X I guess I might as well support them on Y." I don't know how prevalent that line of reasoning is but I know it exists.

    If Republicans just gave up already on gay rights issues you'd see at least somewhat of an increase in support for gun rights as well as changes in opinions for other issues. Though it might take some time.

  • Absolutely! Why couldn't they?

    There is no correlation at all between the two topics. I'm a gay male so I clearly support gay rights and I also support the 2nd amendment adamantly. I think where you're coming from is the fact that gun rights is very much linked to the Republican party while gay rights is very much linked to the Democratic party. It is possible to cross party lines.

  • Of Course, It's Possible.

    People have their own beliefs. It is completely possible to support gay rights and gun rights. I don't believe that everyone should be bundle into just two groups and then follow everything that group believes. I have a gay friend who is a strong advocate of guns and gun rights.

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RussellMania741 says2016-12-09T21:25:51.460
What does gay rights have to do with owning a gun. These are totally seperate arguments. Being gay has no bearing on wether you should be permited to own a gun or not.
RussellMania741 says2016-12-09T21:26:03.160
What does gay rights have to do with owning a gun. These are totally seperate arguments. Being gay has no bearing on wether you should be permited to own a gun or not.