• Obviously, he can.

    We have to use the pronoun "he" here since we usually talk about sex scandals having to do with men. Bill Clinton proves that one can be revered and have this happen. However, there is a limit, such as too much hypocrisy or a personality and career that was not likeable in the first place, as with John Edwards.

  • Just to stay a way from national media

    Yes, but he needs to spend a little more money to keep him self away from national media. Not necessarily because he/she is a politician should every one know about every single incident about his/her life. People try to be nosy, but the solution is that he/she needs to stay away from media, so that no one will know what happened to him/her.

  • Yes, a politican can survive a sex scandal without their career being ruined.

    Depending on the level of sex scandal, it's generally acceptable to get caught in a sex scandal as a politician. The media will make a big deal out of anything that's news, but people don't seem to care as long as the correct political choices are being made. As time passes people tend to focus less on the scandal and positive image can be restored, as in the example of Bill Clinton. Today he is still thought of as a great leader and political figure, even though he had sex scandals follow his entire career.

  • Republicans do it all the time

    Sex scandals are not as bad as they used to be, unless you are a Democrat. Republicans make the decision that they are not going to resign and do it. Democrats always resign, for what ever reason. People's personally lives is no ones business. We are not exactly fixing the country when we are all up in other people's business.

  • Careers can rebound.

    A politician can survive a sex scandal without their career being ruined. This has happened with some American politicians in the past. Although they may have some temporary hiccups in their career, many politicians actually rebound because Americans have a short memory span. People often just bounce to the next scandal and forget about the one that just happened.

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