Can a prison sentence change a person for the better?

  • Yes I'm proof

    I truly am a believer since I've been to prison for counterfeiting and learnt my lesson very well.That if I got out and continued ,prison would become a revolving door.This is the hardest way to learn what bad choices can do but for some of us the only way we learn.

  • It depends on the crime

    Yes I believe certain people can see where they have made a bad enough choice to change their ways after prison. However, it does depend on the crime. If a person has an infatuation, addiction or other affliction that causes their behaviour, it almost guarantees they cant. Paedophilia is at the top of the list. Whether you like it or not, its a sickness. They have wires crossed. They truly don't see the harm in being sexually attracted to children and following through with their desires. It doesn't matter how much time they spend in prison, they will never change. Its part of who they are. Drunk drivers on the other hand, well if they do some jail time after blowing way over the limit, there is absolutely an opportunity to change. It was a bad choice that got them their. Not a sickness.

  • Yes it can

    For some people prison can be a very life changing experience that helps them to see the error of their ways and to try to make amends. There are also people who finish high school in prison and even take some college courses to better themselves. It can help people.

  • in some cases a prison sentence can change a person for the better

    In some cases if the person has no other options, then a prison sentence can sometimes be for the better. This is seen a lot of times when a person is addicted to drugs and wants to quit, but their environment simply won't let them. A prison sentence in which they are taken out of their enviornment can be beneficial.

  • People have been changed for the better as a result of prison.

    People have professed to being changed for the better as a result of prison. So a prison sentence can change a person for the better. Unfortunately, however, the majority of prisoners return to prison within three years of being released. So even though it is possible for prison to better people, the sad fact is that it does not actually better the majority of people.

  • Yes it's possible

    It is possible for people to turn for the better if they have been in prison. However of course it will not change everyone though for the better. If people however attend certain programs then perhaps they will turn out for the better and we will not see a revolving door.

  • Prison can cause people to reevaluate their lives and change themselves.

    Being locked up gives people a lot of time to think. Many people in prison will use that time to reevaluate their lives and the choices they have made. Not all, but many will decide to make a change for the better and avoid ever coming back to prison again. In this way, a prison sentence can change a person for the better.

  • Yes. Doing time changes a person

    Time away from those we love changes a person. My husband was a repeat offender. We have been happily married for 11 years now. It has not been an easy road to walk. Not many will understand this. But after four years away this time, and watching the hardships I had to go through to maintain our home and family, my husband has now come out and got his act together as they say. He had a full time job within a week, is working a solid program. A world of difference from the man he was years ago. But the key is, the person has to want to change. Otherwise, he or she will continue on the path of destruction without much hope of success. The change did not come without a price, nor did the benefits come without help and support, The system is set up for failure, so the fact that the change is even possible is a miracle in itself. Whatever experience, or moment of clarity he had that changed him, I can't entirely say, but know the man that went in, is not the same as the one that came out this time. So for all the circumstances, and all the people that have helped be the catalyst for change, I thank you.

  • Yes, a prison sentence can be beneficial.

    If a person uses his time in prison reflecting on the actions that got him there and resolving to change his life upon release, prison can change that person for the better. The extended amount of time that is spent in prison, with nothing to do but read, write or think, can help a person to make realistic resolutions that will lead to life changes when they are let out of prison. The sentence can also serve as a time for the inmate to reflect on the emotional issues that have led to a life of crime, so he won't repeat the same mistakes.

  • Yes I think so

    I think anything that happens in life is an opportunity. A prison sentence can be a real wake up call to individuals that their life was going off track and they need to do something about it. Also there are literacy programs and spiritual programs in prison that a person might not have had access to before. While it can go either way, I do think it's possible a prison sentence can change someone's life for the better.

  • They'll never change

    Because these career human garbage know how to work the system play the Jesus card claiming they've changed when in reality they go back and do what they did before. Sorry that part is true. Non violent offenders selling dope, busted for embezzlement maybe, if they re really sorry possible

  • YES it does change a person for the better

    I think this because prison nowadays are to a very high quality and this includes beds, 3 meals a day, rooms, central heating and ,I have done my research, prisons allow prisoners to have some free abilities including old game consolers, , money, birds (strange) and also books. This therefore can change a persons opinion against prisons and that prisons should change for the better because the poor are willing to go to prison

  • You can't take a disturbed person and make them completely new again.

    You can change someone's physical/social ability, but you cannot change a person's mindset or how they act. Prison will just make the criminals worse and maybe even depressed because of how they are treated. Nothing will make their minds less disturbed, these people who kill innocent children will not change from a "time-out." They need more than that.

  • The Criminal Academy

    A promising young man who had a desire to change the world and to succeed in life, One day was with a couple of friends and his friends decided to rob a convenient store while he was waiting in the car. His friends got pulled over and because he was at the wrong at the wrong time he had to serve a few months in prison and a felony to his record. How can he become a better person from his experience in jail. Just think most men who are jail is there because they decided to sell drugs to take care of their family and provide them with food and shelter because all they seen was their mother or guardian struggle to make ends meet. The prison is set up to prey on uneducated, black, impoverished men. They make so much money to keep prison a revolving door for black men. That is why there are more black men in jail then it is College. Prison is only a "Criminal Academy" where men unwilling become better criminals. I agree with Lem reasoning on the prison system. I always felt that there are other ways a person can learn from their mistake then putting them around other men who have done worst crimes and having to fend for yourself and constantly protect yourself from those people. Stop the revolving door. It begins with the people in power and the money they have bet against them.

  • Prison cannot change a person who is unwilling or unable to change

    A prison sentence cannot change who a person actually is, if they are unable to control their base impulses they will not be able to do so no matter how much they have been rehabilitated. A person can spend years in prison and still be the same person who committed the crime all those years ago.
    Often prison just exposes the prisoner to people who committed the same crimes or worse then they did and these people teach the prisoner to be a better criminal. So the released prisoner just becomes better at committing crimes then they had been before their sentence was carried out.

  • A prison sentence can not change a person for the better.

    A prison sentence can not change a person for the better. I believe that throwing someone in jail and locking them up for awhile will not change their prespective. We could give them something to do while they are in jail to modify their behavior such as counseling but just locking them up and hoping that they will change is not the solution.

  • People Do Not Change

    The only thing that former prison inmates learn how to do is fake that they have learned how to live in the real world. You all seem to have a very good opinion about humanity, however in reality this is not true. PEOPLE DO NOT CHANGE. We simply fake it to get out of terrible conditions of prison.

  • Prison is training for bad behavior, anxiety, and loss of responsibility

    From everything I have heard and read, prison has the opposite effect a majority of the time. You really have to think, what does putting someone in a hostile, look over your back, environment do? Make you hostile, and paranoid. And your time is controlled. Actions are restricted as well. Not every inmate is made to work, which they should. This way when they get out they have cognitive skills intact, instead of being degraded. Prison in the US is very necessary however I believe the facility should fit the personality. I'm not saying a violent criminal should get special treatment. But I also don't think a moron who is in jail for drugs should be subject to an ass rape from a violent person who prison will do no good but provide their basic needs. Some people are career inmates. The cycle needs to break. They are successful in this career because they know how to work the system and play the game.

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