• Science, Art, Religion All Part of Human Experience

    A scientist can enjoy poetry as science is just one aspect of human existence. Religion, art, poetry, music, love, emotions, sex, children, family and friends are all just some of the many human concepts that scientists engage in. Science isn't everything. Try searching for scientists who write poetry and there are quite a few.

  • Yes they can

    Yes, a scientist can enjoy poetry any time that they want. There is nothing that says a person who studies science can not go and read peotry and like to see what it says. A lot of these people like to learn about everything that they possibly can learn a about.

  • Yes, of course.

    It depends on the type of science and the mindset of the scientist but of course a professional in this field will be able to enjoy poetry. Science is the study of how the physical world works but it should not limit the ability to imagine and to enjoy the imaginative work of others.

  • We are all multi faceted.

    Yes, a scientist can enjoy poetry, because they do not stop having feelings just because they embrace the scientific method. People can have multiple talents and interests. They can enjoy the technical aspects of science, but that does not mean that they will not enjoy the emotional and contemplative aspects of poetry.

  • I Would Assume So

    I believe it is possible for a scientist to enjoy poetry. I do not think a persons professional field is going to determine what kind of literature they like. Some people like poetry and enjoy reading it because of its simplicity, others like to read novels or stick with non-fiction. I believe its a subjective personal choice.

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