Can a teenager who sexually assaulted someone while they were a minor be forgiven and still go on to live a normal life?

Asked by: biden8888
  • CAN is the key.

    Since the question is being framed as CAN rather than SHOULD, We would be wrong to rely on an a single answer. CAN a teenage minor be forgiven for sexual assault? Yes, They can. Circumstances should dictate. What is the degree and nature of the sexual assault? What are we calling "Sexual Assault"? Is it a kiss on the cheek or the lips? A touch, A comment, Or full penetration? Was there an innocent misunderstanding taken to extreme? Mental states and surrounding experiences need to be taken into account. Forgiveness isn't always a clean act to accomplish. Yet there are circumstances where we should try. We need to recognize that some villains are also victims.

  • I think s/he can be forgiven.

    Well, Everybody commits mistakes, Bad deeds, Which might have serious and long term consequences, That is certainly condemnable deed. There are many people who do these things but do not understand the consequences, And sometimes there are people who are really messed up, And think that its okay to do that, And there are people who do that deliberately. We need to keep these things in mind, When you are talking about punishment.
    And also, There are two possibilities either God exists, Or God doesn't exist.
    If God exists, Then life has a value, And we all humans are sinners, We just can't say that we are perfect, We are imperfect in all kinds of ways, Who are we to judge someone, When we are sinners ourselves, We can't just say things like even if we did that would have been less serious of an offence as this one, To God it might be a very big offence. So, If we humans want forgiveness, For our sins then we have to consistent and forgive other sinners as well.
    If God doesn't exist, Then again there are two possibilities, Either there is life after death, And these process happens either for ever or for sometime, Or the second possibility is there is no life after death, In all these cases(the cases which are possible if God doesn't exist), I don't see a good reason to care for the victim and punish the assaulter. Don't let your emotions overpower your intellect.
    If God exists, Then he is the judge not us, And if God doesn't exist, Then I don't see how a person could care for life and want to exist for sometime and then die to nothingness, Or come to life again and again, And then just spending there time falling in love with the nature, Universe, And having relationships only to be broken! I just don't why someone can feel the need of forgiveness and punishment, When it just doesn't do anything, Meaningful, And it would be meaningless, If God doesn't exist.
    So, In short, If God exist, He is the one to judge and punish, Not us, If we want forgiveness then we should be consistent and forgive others as well, But if there is no God, Then life itself is meaningless, I would have tried to kill myself, Let alone caring the life of another person, So in that case I would just let the assaulter go, Because I wouldn't have cared.

  • Response to biden8888 in the comments

    I’m fully aware you’re the one who posted this stupid question and fully aware you voted no on your stupid question however my response was directed mainly at darklaw for giving the stupidest answer on your stupid question. That being said I think you should consider asking yourself if you’re retarded instead of me.

  • Yeah, They were children

    Children have to grow up in a society where people treat each other, Including them, Like trash. Them doing that to someone is the fault of everyone around them. They were clearly influenced by something like our own crappy culture or terrible treatment of each other, And kids are more likely to make mistakes as their brains are underdeveloped. If it's an adult, Then obviously they shouldn't be, But I would say this means they likely have a mental illness or some unresolved problems that need to be treated.

  • Good one troll

    Yeah just like child molesters, Serial killers, Children who killed their parents, People who kill old ladies for money, Burn peoples house down, Let's just give them a hug and some cookies and say "that was a very bad thing to do don't do it again okay? ". Yeah that'll work. . .
    "Oh you grew up in a bad neighborhood? We'll give you a pass and some cookies" You're obviously trolling

  • Never forgive or Forget

    Others might, But I would be inclined to hunt the wrong doer down, Torture them in the most unspeakable way, Nueter them and then let them bleed out slowly. Too many freaks get away with this sh*t and then makes excuses, I'd take him out, May god have mercy on your soul, I will have none.

  • No, They cannot.

    Sexual assault is disgusting and unforgivable. It is one of the worst things you can do to another person besides raping them. It doesn't matter how much the individual might regret doing it, They can never undo the mental damage that they did. These pieces of human trash deserve capital punishment. I have no sympathy for them.

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