Can a well-educated and healthy population of a country secure its safety more than military might?

  • Yes it can

    If you have a large population of which are health then they are mighty.
    Healthy educated men and women can fight harder than the ones who are not and they can fight smarter.
    Guns and bullet are not the best way to achieve victory hearts and minds are a much better way.
    Happy healthy educated people can come up with better ideas than we can.

  • No - a General Population, No Matter How Educated, is Not Trailed in Warfare

    No, a well-educated and health population cannot secure its safety more than a military might. Force is necessary when opposing peoples and governments do not act rationally. The same is true with a police force. A police force is not necessary for the vast majority of the population, but it is needed for the small percent of people who will not listen to reason. It is important that a military is trained, because when someone wants to hurt a country, they are unlikely to listen to academic arguments to the contrary.

  • Without military the sovereignty of the country is at stake.

    First of all, military stands to protect one's territorial integrity, without which the nation stands at the mercy of other countries.
    Secondly, If one takes the example of the US, a superpower which not only has the world's strongest military backing, but also an excellent GDP growth rate, economic growth, Literacy levels and Life expectancy records.
    Not only that, If we look into history, we learn that only two countries in the entire world 'initiated' a war with the US, namely Japan and Afghanistan (Out of which Afghanistan was taken up solely because it was believed that the terrorist organisation was based in the country). What happened to them? US burnt them to ashes, teaching the entire world not to finger the country again.

    Also, when exactly do we need the army? When we fight wars? Say if we did not have a good military support. Would we send doctors to war? Or would we be asking our school teachers to go sacrifice their lives simply because:
    a) We did not have the military to protect our borders, and
    b) We do not have soldiers to fight the war.

    If a nation is constantly invaded by other countries, how would it be able to tackle the "internal problems" like illiteracy, low life expectancy, poverty, etc?

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