• Usually it can

    Medication should be a last resort. Try therapy and a variety of therapies. Try meditation.

    All treatments whether they involve medication or not do physical things to the person. Counseling for depression over a year showed changes in brain chemistry, roughly the same as with antidepressants (but discontinuing the antidepressants brought on symptoms of depression a lot faster than discontinuing counseling). Loving kindness meditation in monks showed changes in brain chemistry on brain scans while they were meditating.

    There is a mountain of evidence showing that how we think and behave has direct effects upon our brain chemistry. So we've been treating our brains physically with non-medication methods since forever. Why should we trust brand new synthetic inventions over the tried and true? Some studies suggest stimulant medications can increase a person's risk for diabetes. As well it can be tempting to take extra pills when a person really needs to get something finished and this can sometimes lead to amphetamine psychosis or death.

    Medication should be a last resort.

  • Yes, it can be

    I think it calms down in the adult later in life, I know mine has,but I don't take medications. I take simple things that that are in herbs and over the counter medications, that calm my ADD down. The issue was a more out there for me when I was in my teens,

  • I think it can be.

    If given the right circumstance and training and environment, I do think adult ADD or ADHD can be effectively treated without medication. This is all about brain training. Some of us are just not wired to sit there and do mundane tasks all day long, but we can learn to.

  • I'm Almost Positive

    I'm actually pretty young and I used to have ADHD and I believe that if you REALLY don't want it, all you have to do is put your mind to it. Literally. If you find yourself fidgeting around with your pen or staring at the ceiling, think.. Why? But I guess if this is too hard for you, you could do medications, but there isn't as satisfying to watch yourself take medications instead of watching yourself get better and better. Right?

  • It Is Difficult

    As an adult with ADD I can say that medication can be very helpful or harmful depending upon the person. For me, medication that has stimulants causes too many problems that the benefits are not worth it. I can control my ADD to a point but I certainly can't make it go away. Adult ADD'ers can make it without medicine but if their life is hectic it will be very difficult.

  • Adult ADD requires medication

    Just like the childhood versions of the disorder, adult attention deficit disorder (also known as ADD or hyperactivity disorder, which goes by ADHD) needs to be treated with medication. This is a disease like any other and left untreated or ignored, it can have momentous effects on the quality of life of its victim.

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