• They would make great leaders.

    I think agnostics, and also atheists, would make perfect leaders. Someone who has a pragmatic relationship with faith is better than some tired evangelical Christian trying to insert his religion into public policy or work. Things might actually get done for a change. We should definitely encourage more agnostics to be leaders.

  • Religion does not matter

    Yes, a person who has no religious ties can make just as good of a leader as someone who is religious. An agnostic would probably be a better leader, because they would not judge some one else just because of the religion that they may follow, which could be different.

  • Religion can help some people to be good leaders, but it's not necessary.

    Good leadership doesn't come from one's religion. For some people perhaps their religion gives them guidance and inspires them to help people, but non-religious people can achieve the same things by finding guidance and inspiration in other places. Agnostics and atheists usually still have strong morals just like religious people, they have the same ability to reach out to and inspire people, and they can strive to help people and improve the world with or without religion. Religious and non-religious people alike can possess the qualities of a good leader.

  • Shouldn't Judge People

    People who identify as agnostics can be good leaders just as well as people who identify in other religious ways. I think it is discriminatory to assume either way that all agnostics make good leaders or all agnostics make poor leaders. Grouping people based on their beliefs should not be done.

  • Agnosticism is not about your Beliefs, it's about knowing.

    Knowledge is based on evidence, knowing there's no evidence does not reflect what you believe.

    You can believe in Christianity but know you have no evidence.

    Agnostic Theism has always been the majority of casual believers, people who follow their religion however understand they do not have the adiquette knowledge about the evidence behind their beliefs.

    This is mainly the position an Atheist holds, one who knows there's no evidence yet however unlike a theist they choose to not take it on faith.

  • If they have ethics.

    Yes, agnostics can be good leaders, because they can have good ethics. Although an agnostic cannot looking to Jesus or Christianity as his basis for ethics, that does not meant that the agnostic does not have ethics. As long as the agnostic has a moral compass, they can use their own morality to guide their leadership and decision making process.

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Yoshi says2014-02-13T17:11:43.720
If Agnosticism a position like Theism or Atheism, then why do we have Gnosticism? Think about it, Knowledge =/= Belief

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