• Yes, Albania can advance.

    Yes, Albania can advance at the Euro Cup. They may not have played a flawless season, but they're sure better than other teams competing in the Euro Cup, I have a very good feeling that Albania, performing how they have, have a good shot at advancing at the Euro Cup.

  • No, Albania can't advance at Euro Cup.

    No, Albania can't advance within the Euro Cup since they were recently beaten by France by losing 2-0. They acquired their first loss of the tournament when Switzerland beat them 1-0. Despite the outcomes, there was much promise being shown in both games. They have another chance to redeem those losses if they defeat Romania in two days.

  • Albania can no longer advance in Euro 2016

    It is highly unlikely that Albania will advance in the Euro 2016 Championship as they have already lost two games and are playing Romania next. Romania have been having a better time in the championship, it had both better outcomes with their games against France and Switzerland. Albania lost against both, but Romania tied with Switzerland and lost by one point instead of two against France. Overall Albania is likely to lose and drop out.

  • No, I do not believe that Albania can advance at the Euro cup.

    No, I do not believe that Albania can advance at the Euro cup because the Albanian soccer team lost to Switzerland in the first round and also suffered a devastating loss to the French national team in the second round. With these two losses, it's not possible for the Albanian soccer team to advance to the next stage.

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