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  • No, neglect must be to an extreme degree for a child to be considered feral.

    No, while all feral children have been neglected to an extreme degree, not all neglected children are feral. There are varying degrees of neglect. For a child to be considered feral, he must have been completely isolated from other humans for a long length of time. Neglect, while always a bad thing, can be to a lesser degree.

  • Neglected children not necessarily feral

    Neglected children may not necessarily be feral, or too wild. The impact of this type of abuse is complex, and the children can have several types of problems that are not restricted to being feral. This includes being withdrawn, timid, or overly shy. It is important to recognize the complex problems that arise in order to treat these children.

  • No, I hope scientists learned enough from previous cases to rehabilitate neglected children.

    For two centuries, wild children have been the subjects of fascinating study. Raised without love or social interaction, wild or feral children pose the question ‘what is it that makes us human? There are few cases of feral children who have been able to fully compensate for the neglect they have suffered.

  • Environment Not Completely Devoid

    Neglected children will still have some kind of contact with people. Just because a parent neglects them does not mean they would not be able to learn and do things by seeing things outside or on TV or hearing things. One is only feral when there is absolutely nothing around.

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