Can all of the mysteries of the universe be answered by science?

  • Yes and no

    Science is basically just a collection of facts things we know to be true and things we can prove to be true, through repetition of experiments. We will learn many things as we begin to explore the universe, think of all the things humanity has learned of as we have explored our own planet. New areas of study continue to be discovered as technology improves, many things that in the past were though science fiction are slowly coming into existence.

    I have no doubt we will learn many things, but it will take many generations, it will not happen overnight, all the knowledge we possess now and often take for granted has taken thousands of years to collect and distribute. Humanity is not going to suddenly go, "well we have learned everything there is to learn, so lets stop bothering"

    It would be interesting to know, what would happen if science ever proved conclusively the existence of god.

  • Yes, it can

    Science can answer anything even about the Universe. But it's sometimes good to keep some mysteries secret as it can affect out living of give us extra stress . For example take an ordinary man. If he comes to know that he is going to die before three days from his death he can't live the last three days of his life in peace. So, some secrets should be secret forever.

  • Yes, it can

    It's true that science can answer to anything. It can even tell us about universe. But it is sometimes to keep things secret as it can affect our living. For example
    Take life of an ordinary human. If he comes to know he is going to die before 3 days from his death, he can't live his last three days in peace. That's why some mysteries should be kept mysteries forever.

  • I think people are forgetting the definition of Science.

    Science is the term used to categorise how existence works. If you mean will the human race one day know all that there is to know the answer is it's highly unlikely. If that was the meaning of your question please use the correct term in the future when asking questions..

  • Well it is posible

    Well remember the time when we took comets as a big mystery since we did not have the knowledge to fully understand what it is? Now look at us, a few hundred years later. We've discovered so many types of comets, know how they are created and where do they come from. Now imagine that same scenario, but instead of a comet , replace it with most of the mysteries in the universe. What's inside the Blackhole? Is the universe expanding? How do we all end the universe? Are we alone?

    Just like the comet scenario, these mysteries will be solved , just not now, or next year. It has to take its time. Our technology is near to that destination, just give it time. And as for the finance to it, maybe the answer lies to a man who is willing to give and do it for a small amount of time/ free. I have my faith in this.

  • Science would die trying.

    All the mysteries of the universe could never be answered by science. Even if science could come close the next mystery would be trying to uncover the mysteries that have not been discovered. Of the mysteries thet science may claim to have solved, there will be dissenting opinions abounding because so many of the mysteries of the universe are subjective in nature making them impossible to ever truly answer.

  • All of anything can never be answered

    No, I do not believe that 'all' the mysteries of the universe can be answered by science. I say this because we are not aware of all the mysteries. Furthermore, there will never be a perfect answer to anything, there are just too many options available for explanation. To think that everything can be explained would be asinine.

  • No, all of the mysteries of the universe cannot be answered by science.

    Though science has the power to explain many things, there will always be some things that are unknowable. What was it like before the Big Bang? What is it like past the edges of the universe? Why does the universe exist at all? Why should there be something instead of nothing? These mysteries cannot be answered by science because they ask questions that fall out of the realm of the knowable.

  • There is a limit to how much we can know

    I think that there is a limit to how much we can know. I think that there are barriers which are practical, and there are barriers which are absolute. Fundamental science is increasingly expensive, every new bit of knowledge, every new particle discovered, is a multi-billion proposition. We simply don't have the resources. I do suspect that the question of the universes origins will forever remain unsolved.

  • No way !!!!!

    Science cannot they just make up stuff that's not real. Some scientists say other things which are also true and others do not believe it and vise versa. There are many mysteries that science cannot solve and they will never be able to because they can not, the only thing they can do is estimate.

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