• The relativism of truth.

    Truth is a very relative concept for many people in everyday life. Even in simple matters, truth can be skewed because of the lens through which people view different events. The fact that many religions contradict each other does not negate the fact that they might all be true; it actually supports the fact that truth is relative. For example, if a schizophrenic is hallucinating and talking to someone who, from your perspective, is not there, you might deem them to be crazy. In actuality, the schizophrenic might be the one who can see the truth. Who can say that you are right and the schizophrenic is wrong? To you, there is no third person, and that is your truth. To the schizophrenic, the third person exists, and that is his/her truth. If this can occur with such seemingly concrete interactions, how can we say that the realm of the supernatural is incapable of possessing multiple truths?

  • One isn't all

    One religion isn't necessarily the be all end all. Maybe not all parts of every religion are completely accurate, but parts of all of them and the views can be true. There are tons of other planets and solar systems in the world where what is written in one religious book may be the truth there, something that has actually occurred. Just because each religion has their own view of God, doesn't mean that there truly has to be only one God - in fact, the idea of ancient Greek beliefs being true already defeats that idea as they had many Gods. All religions could definitely be true, none of us have seen the beginning and end of all the worlds, so we can not know.

  • They're all true

    The 3 main religions Islam, Judaism and Christianity all go back to Abraham. They all also have ONE god. All religions teach fairness and equality and they all have the same golden rule love each other. If anything all religions trace back to the tower of Babylonia where it began.

  • An old Hindu Story.

    A number of blind men came to an elephant. Somebody told them that it was an elephant. The blind men asked, ‘What is the elephant like?’ and they began to touch its body. One of them said: 'It is like a pillar.' This blind man had only touched its leg. Another man said, ‘The elephant is like a husking basket.’ This person had only touched its ears. Similarly, he who touched its trunk or its belly talked of it differently. All religions can look at a divine power and take away different parts of it. They're all right in their own way.

  • Inner meaning of Religion.

    Do not follow religion line-by-line, search inner meanings; there are metaphor which got different meaning over a period. All religion teaches to help and love all being (movable & immovable) in nature. I believe human lifetime not enough to study god, lets say a lizard staring at electric bulb, it cannot think how bulb glows.
    Consider all religion teach good thing, like
    1+4 = 5 (Christian)
    10/2 = 5 (Hindu)
    2.5*2 = 5 Islam
    12-7= 5 Buddhism etc
    And all these are different and same. Some people wont agree because they don't know other math operations.

  • Same principles but with self-created conflict

    I believe that all religions are indeed one and gratifies one true god. They also teach great moral values to follow and to have peace and prosperity with all mankind. Unfortunately, due to corrupt leaderships, of either religious or political entity, there seems to be many conflicts created to divert the human beings from living with each other in a global brotherhood.

  • Yes, they can.

    I believe all religions have something true and false about them. But I believe that they are all true in their own way. Nobody should judge a religion just based on their beliefs. I respect all religions good or bad, I respect them. People that are really into their religions really shouldn't criticized other people or their beliefs.

  • All paths are valid & true

    Each view is valid from that individual's perspective. It is proposterous that a loving God would create different looking people, cultures, languages, foods, animals, etc and then want them all forced into believing one particular religious text or view. God appreciates variation, and this includes how people come to love Him.

  • Omnitheism (All religions are true)

    I believe that all gods and all religions are true. But when you die you go to heaven/hell/or something that "your" religion has. When someone is omnitheist like i am you can choose which heaven/hell you want to go to. But if someone is atheist he just dies, no heaven, no hell.

  • There is truth in all religions

    Religion has been described as having three fundamental dimensions or facets; 1: truth claims/belief system, 2: moral code and 3: religious/spiritual activities to be practiced privately and publicly. These facets are called creed, code and cult, aka words, works and worship. When it comes to truth claims, the major world religions appear to contradict each other, but there is great consensus among the major religions about what morality is; each major world faith teaches a morality of charity, self-sacrifice, etc. Nobody sees everything, but nobody sees nothing.

  • simply no it would no.

    For one thing, it violates the law of non-contradiction. Since different religions say different things they cannot all be true. It is possible from that perspective that they could all be false, but there can be no more than one truth. The Muslims and Jews say Jesus is not God just a prophet, the Christians say he is God. They can't all be right. That is the problem with those "coexist" bumper stickers, they are a contradiction.

  • It is a big contradiction.

    Lots of religions are claiming that they are the only true religion. So, it is clear that they all cannot coexist. First of all, I don't think that any of them is true, but if you still wan't to believe in one, you can only believe in one... You can't say Islam is true but also paganism is true.. It would be against the Islam's nature.

  • One Truth in Religion

    Jews, Moslems, and Christians alike agree that there is one God. Furthermore, Christians believe that accepting Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Therefore, none of them believe that all religions are okay.

  • Contradictions cannot coexist

    The religions of the world are fundamentally different and superficially similar. The very core of each religion contradicts the very core of other religions. For example, Christians believe that God exists as one God, but in three separate persons while Muslims believe in one God, Allah who is not trinitarian. This is important because, both of these beliefs are about God, where religions find their foundations. If two religions can't agree on who God is, there is no way they are both correct.

    Since the religions contradict each other, there are only two options as to the truth. Either a) one of the religions is correct because it has correctly believe the truth of what is spiritual and transcendent or b) none of the religion are true because it is possible that there is no such thing as religious truth. But multiple religions cannot be true because two contradicting claims cannot both be true. They can both be false, one of them can be true, but both of them cannot both be true.

  • No, they cannot all be true!

    It is impossible for all of the major religions or even some of the major religions to be true because all of them claim their version of god to be the "one true god" and thus, none of them can exist simultaneously. Not only do monotheistic religions condemn pagan, polytheistic religions but each monotheistic religion condemns the other monotheistic religions. Religion is a zero-sum game, winner take all. They cannot be true together because believing in one means you reject the others.

  • The world religions contradict.

    The world religions contradict each other on even the most basic of tenets, it is impossible for them all to be right. They can, however, all be wrong.
    The latter is far more likely, considering the correlation of most current religions to more ancient myths and the complete and total lack of evidence for the existence of any gods.

  • No not all religions can be true

    No, I do not think that all religions can be true. So there are so many differences in the major religions I do not think that all religions can be true and that there is only one true God in the end. Religions and the differences are want make only one really true.

  • Nobody considers Greek myth to be true anymore. But they did at one time.

    My supporting argument to the people on the left here is: do you think extinct religions are also true? You probably don't. Then how can you say that you believe that all religions are true today. It is not just poverty that keeps religions alive. Religion is forced on people - usually by their parents.

  • Some religions are the antithesis of others.

    All religions cannot be true. They can't all be right, but they can all be wrong. Some religions are almost the polar opposite of others. For example, Islam and Christianity are totally incompatible as regards core beliefs. And then you get discrepancies within religions. The Catholics think they are the one True Church, whilst the JW's regard the Catholic worship of the Trinity as devil worship, and the Protestants regard them as idolaters. No doubt the JW's and the Protestants also have a beef with each other as well. And they probably all have a problem with Mormonism. That's before they even step out of the realms of their own particular faith! So is it any wonder that an ever-increasing number of people chose not to affiliate themselves with a particular religion. It seems to be the most sensible option!

  • No because monotheism

    All major religions claim one messiah, they can't all be right. Makes most sense they are all false. Eliminate religion and remove key political argument for culture wars. Eliminate religion for world peace. Free your mind!!! Arguments based on supernatural "evidence" can't be won. Resorting to "faith" is a fools game.

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abraralam says2014-02-09T01:32:26.347
All religions can not be true at a time, because there are millions differences among their thinking, logic, beliefs, books and life styles. For example how it can be a possible that one God can allow to eat of meat of pork and cow and forbid to eat them too?

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