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  • I think Americans can not afford higher taxes these days.

    I am quite aware of this. The Fiscal Cliff Deal. The deal passed by the congress wherein tax cuts will be ended. 2% increase in taxes will be burdened by the people. In these days where America is experiencing recession wherein there is negative growth in GDP, it is clear that Americans can not endure more bills to pay. However, I think the reason why this deal was passed is because the US government could no longer shoulder the 2% tax cut for the last years because of increasing debt. The government has a reason of passing this bill. However, I still believe and I know we are all aware that the government know of this. But still, life will be tougher. There might be continuous recession resulting to depression and unemployment.

  • Americans can not afford a raise in taxes.

    I think a majority of Americans are in some sort of financial trouble, this would be the worst time to raise taxes. Jobs are harder to find and even harder to keep now, and the jobs we have can't even pay all the bills. Now when taxes are raised it will be impossible to get by on the little we have now.

  • Americans Cannot Afford Higher Taxes

    I do not think that higher taxes would be a good thing. Americans cannot afford them and have been outspoken about not wanting to pay higher taxes. We get taxed on enough stuff as it is these days. To raise the price on taxes would just be ridiculous at this point.

  • No, we pay enough taxes.

    The taxes that we pay are more than enough to run a county that is run responsibly. There is far too much waste, and I am not talking about entitlement programs but waste that occurs on a higher level. One small for instance is the amount that was recently spent on our election process. When government decides to increase revenue by taxing or removing programs, it falls on the average American to pick up the slack. If my elderly mother cannot afford her medicine or food I would have to be a selfish person not to provide it for her. Many families that have one bread winner are already assuming the burdens of adult children that are out of a job, and grandchildren, and their disabled family members. We really are at the present time being overly burdened.

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